Headlands businessman accused of contracting hitman to kill Grade One learner for rituals


RUSAPE – It seems new lows on a daily basis are becoming the settled norm. We say so because a businessman from Headlands, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe, is facing allegations of contracting a hitman for a ritual murder. 

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The businessman, John Madondo, who operates shops in the Eagle Nest area, is accused of hiring Tatenda Mudziwedare, 20, to kill a seven-year-old Grade One learner.

Mudziwedare, from Village 5B, Sherenje, has pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder, allegedly under Madondo's instruction. 

The charge is a violation of Section 187, as read with Section 47, of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, which criminalises attempts to kill a person.

The charge sheet states that on February 28, 2024, at Sherenje Business Centre, Headlands, Mudziwedare attempted to cause the death of Alvin Kambadza by strangling him, allegedly under Madondo's instruction to bring a human head for rituals.

Madondo, reported to be in South Africa, was allegedly communicating with Mudziwedare over the phone, providing instructions. 

Mudziwedare was not represented when he appeared before Rusape regional magistrate, Francis Mapfumo, who convicted him of the offence. Sentencing was expected on Thursday.

State representative Tawanda Munjanja reported that Mudziwedare tried to strangle the boy but aborted the mission upon seeing villagers approaching. 

The incident came to light when the young victim reported the event to his mother.

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