Google Fonts introduces two typefaces designed by African creatives


GOOGLE FONTS recently introduced two new typefaces to its collection, both crafted by talented designers from Africa. 

The additions include "Ojuju" by Chisaokwu Joboson, a Nigerian brand and type designer; and "Madimi" by Taurai Valerie Mtake, a Zimbabwean visual communicator and type designer.

Google Fonts Ojuju
Ojuju typeface

Ojuju Typeface by Chisaokwu Joboson

The Ojuju typeface, designed by Chisaokwu Joboson, draws inspiration from the intricate eye cuttings found on African masquerade masks.

Chisaokwu Joboson

This san-serif typeface features a unique afro-grotesque style with varying apertures across its 7 weights and over 1000 glyphs. 

Supporting 874 languages, Ojuju embodies the spirit of African-spirited dancers and reflects Joboson's childhood fascination with masquerades.

Joboson developed Ojuju under the guidance of Mirko Velimirovic; as a reverse contrast variable font. 

In a social media post, Joboson expressed his excitement about creating a typeface that encapsulates the essence of African culture, adding that she hopes users will appreciate the effort and passion put into this project.

Madimi Typeface by Taurai Valerie Mtake

Taurai Valerie Mtake's Madimi typeface is a rounded-sans font inspired by the gentle curves of Southern African graphic symbols. 

Taurai Valerie Mtake Google font Madimi
Taurai Valerie Mtake

Based in Sweden, Mtake emphasizes the importance of preserving and integrating indigenous writing and graphic systems into contemporary design practices.

With a focus on circles, symbolizing the womb in KiNtu symbologies, Madimi aims to subtly incorporate African visual traditions into modern design. 

Google Fonts Madimi
Madimi font

Featuring uppercase, lowercase, and numerical glyphs; Madimi is designed to be inclusive, supporting 458 languages. Mtake's dedication to infusing cultural authenticity into his work shines through in the creation of this unique typeface.

Both Ojuju and Madimi are now available on Google Fonts, offering users a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and artistic talent teeming amongst African creative designers. 

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