Swazy (Swaysway) Loathes Loss of Valuable Energy in the EP 'L.O.V.E'

 By Tawanda Chari 

She sings. She does not do much else. No internet drama, no aggressive tweeting and lack of a public persona thereof. Perhaps that is because she is young.

Swazy is a rapper, songwriter, dancer, and sound engineer. She is the whole package and does her own productions. She is a member of the super talented powerhouse, Cottage 47.

Swazy sings in a conversational style that masks a lack of real vocal power. Make no mistake, she does not soar; her voice just glides effortlessly over beats.

In the L.O.V.E EP, she makes romantic relationships sound like permanent litigation.  The EP favours ambiance over climax. But Swazy is not functioning as a singular persona with an esoteric agenda so much as she stands in an eternal fight that all young, unfaithful couples have ever had about other men and other women who may or may not exist.

Here is a little breakdown.


Poetic. It is actually a poem. But perhaps more important than that she is reciting a poem in what she says. A mural of PAIN in a one-sided romantic relationship. One who gives everything for love that is never reciprocated. Swazy uses a lot of metaphors in her writing, flexing a little muscle on her technical ability.

“I guess when you placed that knife on my back, it's your sadness that l felt …”


A crossroad in a relationship is an opportunity to stop and reflect on your current situation.

What do you do when you reach a crossroad in a relationship? Are you the reactive type that immediately views it as negative, and begins to plan an escape route? Do you sit and contemplate the crossroad, look at it from all angles and then determine if it makes sense to move forward? Or do you stay for the sake of staying, because you think that being in an unhappy relationship is better than being alone?


It is the beat plus a beautiful acoustic guitar leading the sound. The sound is warm for a song about venting. Calm, collected, the person does say a lot. If you have got your heart broken before, this song is for you.


Question, why do people keep going back into toxic relationships over and over again?

That is pretty much what Swazy is saying in this song; only that eventually she did have enough and left. This is arguably the only song she might have reached climax of any story she has told in the EP.

She did an Eminem on us. "Like round chuck, and still put hands on you, Stayin' wound up is how I spend time (get it?)."


Sonically, this tops the whole project. From the beat, the vocals, and the production. This we know is RIGHT. 

Simply put this is about wanting a person even when you know it is wrong.


Again, she chooses ambiance over climax. The last track off the project leaves one wanting a little more. Swazy says good-bye to time being wasted. No one really wants their time and effort wasted.

The next step for Swazy would be visuals. That seems to be the only piece of the jigsaw missing.

Listen to the L.O.V.E EP via this Audiomack link and tell us what you think.

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