The Rise of the Ghetto: Stizzy Markaveli – Another Underdog Story

 By Brandon Mwanza

From the dusty streets of Glen View to our hearts and minds, on the way up to being another ZimHipHop “I made it story,” Stizzy Markaveli is a hungry, determined upcoming artist in the game. Inspired by the don himself “Don Makaveli (Tupac)” another ghetto story is being written letter by letter.

Stizzy Makaveli Glen View Masvingo eh Jericho records
Stizzy Markavelli, who also makes part of Masvingo eh Jericho Records from Glen View

“[I’m] to create my own sound and leave a mark,” asserted Stizzy, saying he is here in the game to stay and to leave an indelible mark for real. Stizzy is a member of one of ZimHipHop’s upcoming and talented clan Masvingo eh Jericho Records from Glen View.

Indeed, Glen View is giving us a different view when it comes to the local Hip-Hop scene. These youths are never lazy and hesitant to give us music and for that, they are deeply appreciated. The crew consists of the talented Chama Breezy Shaka, Tazz, Top Genah, Stizzy Markaveli, Goathum (aka Holzy) and Jay Beats.

The fusion of both English and vernacular rap has defined his sound from songs like One Man Army to songs like Double Up. He is building something the game will be fixated on. Glen View’s very own is a showing of the underdog story, a come up from nothing to something.

The sphere is getting some talented youths beautifully gracing our ears on a daily. If Stizzy continues writing the way he is writing, a star is definitely on the rise. The message is “Ghetto kids next up” and they are definitely next in line ready to take the crown.

In his song One Man Army he describes himself as the diamond in the rough, and he was not lying he is the gem this industry needs. Stizzy is currently working on an EP; the need for a solid sound discography is very important when it comes to an artist’s career. The music should back you up as an artist and on this journey this talented young cat is willing and determined to put in the work to make and leave a mark in the ZimHipHop sphere.

It is something graceful and blissful when you see an artist putting the effort in the music, keeping the ZimHipHop culture alive. Stizzy is the next kid up in line from the endless line of ghetto youths trying all they can to make a mark and change the game. No doubt the work ethic and energy are noticeable in his work. Artists should try as much as they can to define their own sound giving them originality and identity, and from the music he is showing us who he is and what he really gives with consistency and the skills.

Collectively this gang is gradually and steadily making a name for themselves through the music. The come up may be a bit rocky at first but the rose will certainly grow from the concrete. They are here to stay!

Stizzy Markaveli intimated to us about the EP (saying he will release it sometime in September) the difficulties artists are facing during this global pandemic from recording to production. No doubt this pandemic has halted a lot of things in the game and the impact is significant. The pandemic has even made collaborations between artists quite difficult. The impact of this pandemic was an unexpected one but this is not stopping this young talent from taking his pen and pad to write.

The effort in making a project which offers consistency in concept is one which we need to appreciate. A skill most artists lack but on this next project we are guaranteed of that and more.

You can listen to the Glen View EP by Top Genah in which Stizzy Markavelli features via this Audiomack link. 

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