Hwindi President and Kinnah Preach Unity and Humanity In Their New Song 'One Love'

 By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

Two of the most familiar names in ZimDancehall have joined forces again to remind us of the importance of love, unity, and humanity in their new song One Love. It shows Hwindi President and Kinnah at their best when it comes to serving impactful social messages, which they regard as their chief mandate in their line of work. 

Hwindi President ft Kinnah One Love Zimdancehall April 2021 songs

The two have previously worked on songs that include Burn Dem (off Hwindi President's 2020 album Ziso) and Kuchachena. The chemistry they ooze in One Love is an attestation of the inseparable bond they have when it comes to working together.

In One Love, their sonic trajectory attempts to remain true to the roots of Reggae-Dancehall in Zimbabwe, dishing their impeccable lines on a sound that resonates with any loyal fan of the genre. It is a lovable track that grows on you to the point you want to get in the booth with the two artists. What with their raspy vocals that polish the delivery of the track in a convincing manner. 

They profess their strong religious inclinations as the source of the love in their hearts. As well as asserting that nothing will disturb their journey considering where they have come from. 

It is always lovely seeing these two artists on one track together. In local parlance, we would say vanosimbisana zvinodadisa.

With all the changes in ZimDancehall, it is right we continue having tracks like these. In all honesty.

Listen to One Love by Hwindi President and Kinnah via this YouTube link and reach your own verdict.

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