New Talent On The Block - Drastick, The Industrious and Authentic Rapper

 By Takudzwa Kadzura

To several artists around the globe, music has transcended from just being entertainment to a livelihood and also a lifestyle. That is why most hip hop artists end up being criticized for not being the guy in the video or the pomposity in the rap lines. A hip hop lifestyle is multifaceted and a certain knowledge about the rapper in discussion is crucial in trying to understand their game. Drastick envisions a legacy told in his own raps.

Drastick Zimbabwe bounce

Born Tawanda Gomba, Drastick The Authentic is an ex basketball star, currently working as a mechanic and rapper. That explains his gigantic physique, the boy has got a lot to accommodate in his body! We took a career survey to understand if Drastick is really authentic.

“It’s crazy how most of the outstanding things I can do have come to me naturally. God has blessed me I admit, some people will see me now and think ‘wow that’s my mechanic!!”’ revealed the Sunningdale based multi-handed craftsman.

All these three passions were derived from three of his late brothers who inspired and influenced him at different levels and shaped him into the man he is today. Drastick’s approach to hip hop is powered by his outstanding ability to flow and freestyle on any type of beat. His delivery when coupled with great lyricism can actually make hit songs.

Though he had this rapping passion almost 15 years ago, it seems being a jack of all trades has disadvantaged his music fans and hip hop fanatics in general. It is only with 2020 that we see him return and refurbished, probably with a lot to say. He has recently uploaded a track called Bounce on his channel and in this track, he goes authoritative with it. Drastick goes on to address the confidence and pride accusations. The track carries an inspirational message based on how confidence is a key to unlocking your true self. He is quite familiar with the ‘bounce,’ something expected of an ex basketball player, balling!

He is a guy who has lived through 3 lives, making it as far as the Zimbabwe Basketball All Star and returning to explore the economic landscape through hustling as a mechanic. His life experiences must have mended the whole personality we now call a rapper today.

As an individual, Drastick proves to be a well-travelled man and he has one more time chosen hip hop to document his life. We gotta hear more from the basketball pitch, the roadside garage and personal perspectives to certify his authenticity.

You can listen to Bounce by Drastick via this link.

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