Bittersweet Tales Of Living In The Diaspora In Ishan's 'December' Featuring GZE

By Tawanda Chari

It's about that time again when people living in the diaspora travel home for the December holidays; at least those who can manage to. The term diaspora comes from an ancient Greek word meaning "to scatter about." And that's exactly what Ishan & GZE were talking out on their new song December


The people of a diaspora scatter from their homeland to places across the globe, and in the case of Zimbabweans, it is mostly trying to make ends meet and feed the mouths of the family back home. The song comes with a gem of a video, too - simple but great.

Ishan's silky delivery starts the tale of the situation of thousands of young adults in the diaspora with experiences of hard times and who haven't been to their homeland for a while. He is especially deeply melancholic about missing home, the delicate food and reminisces his work schedule as an artist living in the diaspora. His mother still makes him do the dishes on time though.

GZE comes in with a painful contrasting but complimentary story of one with no immediate plans of leaving for home, working 2 jobs to help the family back home. He seems to have penned a few lines for his late mother too,

cheers to the good times ma memories iplenty/ prayer yandai reciter ne momz ichiri neni/ asi dzimwe nguva ma emotions ari heavy/ putting flowers where you rest in peace eyes get teary/

Life has to go on regardless of where one is, people get married and start families. Ostensibly, the adoption of technology is the best way to communicate with the family back home. Debates abound during the festive season when those from the diaspora are accused of living large when people back home are suffering. 

GZE finishes his verse with a strong statement, encouraging people to enjoy the fruits of their labor but to never forget their roots. It's honey and pain mixed in GZE's verse. He still showed his superb technical ability though and is finishing the year strong in that regard.

The producer did not disappoint either on his part. He got all the sound aesthetics right.

Watch December by Ishan and GZE via this Youtube link. 

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