Mlue Jay's Thought-Provoking and Realistic Raps Poured In The Song and Video 'Safe'

 By Takudzwa Kadzura

Mlue Jay has exuded a flair of consistency this year, as he also gears up for the upcoming Zim Hip Hop Awards. To prove his proficiency, he released the song and video titled Safe, which is cry for freedom.

Mlue Jay, Vic Jita and Sykotek Safe
Pic - Fokus Magazine

“This is my 4th time being nominated and I have never won, I feel like this time around I will bag it,” Mlue Jay remarked. He has routinely put up a strong contention for this year’s campaign. With two outstanding singles this year - Shooter and Safe - Mlue has forged well his career to establish formidability and register presence. One may be tempted to argue that perhaps artists in the diaspora need to release more perhaps basing on the assumption that they are in a convenient environment as compared to local lads.

Mlue Jay has cried out the loudest about him not getting the appreciation he deserves, “But also I feel like [us] the diaspora artists are not appreciated much back home. Nobody cares about us; they start to care when you are now making major moves just like ShaSha.” The issue has become generic considering how big names such as Buffalo Souljah have been at the forefront of that narrative. The question can only be answered by them [the artists] and how they channel out their music because locally, a lot of artists are also crying for not getting any form of assistance. The music industry in Zimbabwe is a cutthroat jungle and being a hip-hop artist proves to be harder if the work does not come out consistently.

In his new track Safe, Mlue Jay collaborates with Vic Jita and Sykotek to raise a thought-provoking rhetoric and expose modern day pressures. The video pays tribute to the late icon Calvin Mgcini Nhliziyo (RIP) and the concept was well captured in the placards carrying nuances of socio-political concerns of violence against women, decriminalization of marijuana and xenophobia. The rappers in the song inquire for our safety - where could the safety come from in an economically insecure country and politically threatening atmosphere?

The lyrics are constructed in a way that uniquely conveys a sense of what modern society has turned into – a society where a climate of fear and uncertainty prevail because of the growing inequality between the rich and the poor. Safe is a song of rebellion and muzzled voices. It is the cry of the urban youth, who are regular victims to the vicissitudes of capitalism.

“As for my career I feel like I am moving in the right direction taking one step at a time. Right now, I am in a place where I am learning lot about the industry and getting myself ready for whatever is about to happen” Mlue Jay further added. He is readying up for the awards and is armed with optimism.

Check out the new video for the song Safe via this link

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