Tatenda LXA Determined and Hungry For The Game As He Releases The Track 'WTF'

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

Hip hop in Zimbabwe has birthed a hardworking generation in the music industry. Several youngsters have regained the lost morale and energy to believe in these foreign genres in a struggling economy of ours. Building on his versatility, Tatenda LXA is a gifted 25-year-old producer-cum-rapper based in Harare where he was born and raised.

Tatenda LXA wtf

His is a phenomenal journey that has seen him realize this dream at the age of 10 and then recording for the first time as a 16-year-old. Tatenda LXA has worked more as a producer which evidently has nourished his technical abilities.

He reveals working with prominent acts such as Stunner, JMP, Nyasha Timbe, and Darrel, amongst a host of others. As producer, Tatenda LXA is a former member at Afro Nation and Legendary Music. Currently, he is a resident producer at Roman Raps.

His track WTF shows great enthusiasm to be on the mic on Tatenda’s side, as well as taking a breather from producing. WTF is street lingo though most commonly used in gangly rap and trap because of the curse words.

We could not dwell much on that topic, but it has been laid clear that LXA has some issues to address and before the track dropped, he gave a snippet signaling, “dakumbotuka maniggas.” A lot of betrayal is going on and in music hypocrisy is the order of the day. 

Listen to the track WTF by Tatenda LXA via this link.

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