All About Materialistic Girls In New Crisswiss Song 'Thandy Marley' Featuring Asaph

 By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

As our urban spaces continue to ever change,  so are the relations between the opposite sexes, particularly among the urban youth.

And this is what Crisswiss and Asaph team up to preach about in Thandy Marley, delivered in both vernac and English raps. All is said about the modern materialistic girl - the bags, the new shoes, the uptown lifestyle, the clubbing and champagne - all of it. Crisswiss and Asaph leave nothing as they narrate such stories, in a genuinely entertaining manner.

The two artists take a somewhat neutral position, preferring to narrate about 'Thandy Marley' rather than give appraisals about such lifestyles. And their place in our local contexts as Zimbabweans. 

This task is left to the listener, who has to reach their own verdict regarding the overwhelming phenomenon of materialism engulfing love and relationships in Zimbabwean urban places.

Aykay does what he does best with the production, giving Crisswiss and Asaph ample time to lay their verses in Ndebele, Shona and English. Which is a commendable exercise really. The sound to girls preoccupied with the "racks" is something Aykay excelled in on this song, Thandy Marley.  

Listen to Thandy Marley by Crisswiss and Asaph via this link. 

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