Tuccy Da Mc Pours His Heart To His Late Father in the Poignant Song and Video 'Mdara Wangu'

By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

Losing our parents is a harrowing reality, and the grief stays with us for a considerable time in our lives. It is hard to shake off, because parents are the bastions of unconditional love. 

Tuccy da mc mdara wangu mudhara wangu

Tuccy Da Mc, hailing from Chitungwiza, takes the opportunity to deliver a song in which he keeps the memory of his father as honourable as possible. As well as reliving the life experiences he was taught by his father. The song and video for Mdara Wangu reflect the poignant mind of a young male adult trying to make sense of the world around him after losing his father.

In its whole essence, from the song to the video, Mdara Wangu is a relatable experience. One filled with quality as far as telling real life stories is concerned. 

Tuccy keeps the memory of his father alive, expressing his own wishes for a successful, prosperous life in which his mother must reap the fruits of the seeds sown by his father. 

The whole exercise to convey what he really feels from the bottom of his heart is a commendable one. And a laudable departure from some materialist aspects that grip contemporary hip hop in our local contexts. 

The sombre atmosphere shown in the video is worthy to note, but it also leaves room for hope, and that Tuccy, in his line of work, will keep his father happy. 

In all honesty, we love this offering by Tuccy Da Mc. His raps are laid in a well-organized manner, which leaves no stone unturned in the story that he chooses to share with the world.

Leekay did the audio, and Simdoc did the visuals. A brilliant combination.

Watch the video for Mdara Wangu by Tuccy Da Mc here. 

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