The Blissful Significance of the NOVA Reviews For The Game

 By Tawanda Chari

Reaction videos (particularly on YouTube) are not just places to see real-time opinions about music any more—some of these channels are starting to launch new artists' careers to broader audiences. That is something we had been missing right here in Zimbabwe, especially for hip hop.

Nova Review Zim Nova Bleq music

Nova Bleq brings personality and charisma to the whole thing, more so not a lot of women react to hip hop music and that is a plus on so many levels. People are drawn to these videos because they are searching for human connection in new ways. 

Hip Hop is delicate and casual fans do not want to go through the process of deciphering bars because it is tedious to them. YouTubers can bridge that gap by explaining through everything first, at least most of it anyway.

If technology is causing people to experience music together in person less than ever, maybe they are filling their social music needs by watching strangers react to their favorite songs on the internet. 

It is a possibility. In our brains, there are things called mirror neurons that might explain why people get joy out of watching strangers react to music on the internet.

Mirror neurons are neurons that are active both when someone makes an action as well as when someone sees another make the same action. she says. Mirror neurons may enable us to automatically simulate other people's experiences. Thus when we see someone doing an action that is joyful (like nodding or laughing), we might share the joy they experience because we know what it feels like to nod out to music ourselves.

Nova Review zim nova bleq music
Nova Bleq

Basically, when we see Nova get excited about a song, we feel excitement, too. And when she jokes around about the music we are hearing, we feel like we are a small part of that connection as well.

Some of the appeal of reaction channels may also come from human curiosity about how people outside of our social circles feel about the music we are interested in.

Nova Review Zim is worth it. If you follow the game closely. 

We are loving the reviews by Nova Bleq, and you can check them on her YouTube channel. Savour the insights. 

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