REFRESHING SOUNDS - T.D.K Features Asaph In 'Bho Here' Remix

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

With the evolution of street lingo on a fast track, 2020 remembers Bho Here as one of the most dominant lines. But it’s T.D.K who seems to have fallen deeper with it. Now that the remix features one of the most prominent rappers in the country Asaph, it is high time the game takes notice.


Now based in South Africa, Tinotenda Darryl Kapepa is a 22-year-old sound engineering student and rapper. The youthful artist revealed that his game got intact in 2018 after doing a school tour. Being treated as a relatively "big" celebrity sealed his affection for the showbiz and you can imagine how signing autographs feels like at such an early stage. 

Bho Here remix comes at a stage where T.D.K ZW is burning for the limelight. In this track, he narrates a relatable transition in most youths whereby you never get the drip when you are just a boy but as soon as the hustles start giving returns, shawties start to flock around. 

The rhetoric Bho Here isn’t just a mere check but an expression of self-gratification. Asaph reinforces his "voice of the streets" position and slams competition on his road. That’s what hip hop is, when the grind pays off and there is need for a flex – never had the drip but now I’m saucing, Bho here?

There is no way you can be a T.D.K fan and not know Mitch Uta. The two have worked closely together for 3 years doing tours and recording music. 

"Mitch is my brother, we met in 2017 and we have been working together on a daily basis. I wanted to get better in my craft and having to inspire people with my story.  I want all that on a bigger scale hence I came to the Academy of Sound Engineering just to perfect my craft" exclaims T.D.K. 

The ability to mix and master the music all by yourself is a crucial attribute and top selling in the modern music industry landscape.

Check out Bho Here Remix lyric video by T.D.K ZW and Asaph via this link and tell us what you think.

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