The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020 - Celebrating 10 Years of Hip Hop Excellence

Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards Press Release, Issued by Aldrian Beefy Harrison for the press

It's official, the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards (ZHHA) are back to celebrate the 10th anniversary and will be held on Saturday, 12th December 2020. The awards will happen either virtual or conventional depending on the state of the COVID19 regulations at the time of production.

Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020

As the leading authority of Zimbabwe Hip Hop culture and Africa’s first and prestigious hip hop awards, our mission is to use elements of popular youth culture and media to inspire, motivate and empower the music of young people by acknowledging and celebrating local artists in their respective genres. We continue to grow as we are getting more regional and international recognition from various media houses and artists. 2020 celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards (ZHHA), the first hip hop awards on the African continent.

We would like to announce our headline sponsor, The Pogues Whiskey, who are committing to the now and the future of this popular culture. The Pogues Whiskey is new to Zimbabwe and they believe Africa is the world of expression, colours, adventures, music, warmth and creative tools. Scholars would argue that it is the birthplace of music and dance. We profess that Africa is the cradle of hip hop. The future of hip hop is young and African. The 2020 edition of the awards will therefore be known as The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards.

The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards will pay tribute to musical excellence and creativity, providing a high-profile and multi-faceted celebration of the rich cultural diversity of  Zimbabwean Hip hop. Winners receive a plaque, a representation of the highest achievement in Zimbabwean hip hop.

Having come this far The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards will continue to celebrate its  decade of hip hop industry achievements in glitz and glam despite the challenges of COVID-19.

The ZHHA 10 Important Dates

Media Launch - Wednesday, 23rd September 2020

Opening of Entries - Thursday, 1st October 2020 (submission via our website and physical centers to be announced)

Closing of Entries - Friday, 30th October 2020

Adjudication - Wednesday, 04th – Tuesday 10th November 2020

Nominees Announcement - Thursday, 12th November 2020

The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020 - Saturday, 12th December 2020

The Awards Categories 

1. Best Male

2. Best Female

3. Best Collaboration

4. Best Hip-Hop Group

5. Best Producer

6. Best New-Comer

7. Best Brand Supporting Local Hip-Hop

8. Best Album

9. Best Promoter

10. Best Diaspora

11. Best Radio DJ

12. Best Club DJ

13. Best Gospel

14. Best Dance act

15. Best underground

16. Best alternative

17. Best Online media

18.Best Journalist

19. Song of the year

20. Video Of The Year & video director of the year

21. Best hip hop hustle

22. Best hip hop verse (sweet 16 award)

23. Hip hop personality of the year

24. People’s choice

25. Artist of the Decade

We anticipate a creative, charged, insightful, active, electric and truly celebratory ZHHA 10 that will help the hip hop and music industry in Zimbabwe continue to find its space on the global stage. Here is to the new partnership and future of Hip Hop, we introduce The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards. 

Notes for audiences

The nature and shape of The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020 will be decided by the middle of November guided by the existing COVID 19 guidelines at the time. Please keep checking our website.

Notes for editors/reporters 

The Pogues Whiskey - An Irish Whiskey from the band The Pogues and West Cork Distillers (not to be confused with the American whiskey Old Pogue). The Pogues Whiskey is said to have the highest malt content of any blended Irish whiskey and it was developed by Barry Walsh and Frank McHardy. The bells will certainly be ringing out for this one! The Pogues Whiskey is distributed exclusively in Zimbabwe by Liquor Supplies found both in Harare and Bulawayo.

Notes for potential sponsors

For considering to support The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020 you are committing to delivering experiential relevance and value to thousands of Hip Hop industry influencers including press, producers, creatives, artists, and their millions of collective consumers and followers. Through the various activations, branded engagements, product integrations, targeted social media efforts, and prominent logo placement, your brand has the tools to educate, entertain, and engage a captive audience on what it is doing to make a difference in the Hip Hop and music worlds today. It’s about creating experiences that will resonate long after your brand strikes its activations. Interested in becoming a sponsor for the upcoming ZHHA 10 please get in touch with our team.



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