#NdaremerwaChallenge Poem By Manando - No Sober Mind

By Takudzwa Kadzura (Manando)

Zim drug crisis, ndaremerwa challenge holy ten

I’m rolling the third spliff in one morning

Who dares to exist on this land with a sober mind?

I’m texting jazzman like what’s happening Bhebhe?

Seiko madhiri, is there new stock?

These daily battles we now call a lifestyle

Self-sedating and meditating on the hustle

A hustle to navigate the system

For clarity, these are Nervous Conditions

For Christ sake


Rusape dam is running dry

What do you do when the well of hope runs dry?

Hopewell’s incarceration precedes Dzamara’s death

Justice for Floyd not before we settle Sipho’s

Another day, another death and another nigga in jail

The load gets heavier each 24

Why haven’t you started digging my 6 ft?


Unimaginable that a rosary could be overweight on my neck

The son of man on the cross keeps bleeding and beckoning

Pakutoda Jesu Apa. Pakutoda Jesu Apa. Amen.

We continuously plead unto his Holiness for Tenfold blessings

His mercy strengthens us, resolute and steadfast

In trial and error

In entanglements with misery

But a plea is inaudible in these deafening hardships

In censored media

Clueless academic endeavors


The monsters you made

The hardships you made

Our daughters succumbing to daily madness

Of sexual exploitation these days hazvina kumira mushe

You don’t know how it feels being an academic guru

But never getting a bountiful harvest after uhuru

Young ladies going harder in the grind

Going all in with everything they have at stake

Their bodies collateral


Meth addiction is the new cool

A new generation kicks in from school

With new discoveries of dangerous dosages

The monsters you made escaped from probation

This is a system with no safety net

A nervous condition like going on a blind date

Keep praying but zvikurwadza mhamha

The youngins you robbed. The thugs you made.

The moneys you swindled.

We taking back like Hondo yeminda.


This struggle will bore catastrophic ramifications

With death.

R.I.P Greef. R.I.P Craig


Poem by Takudzwa Kadzura (Manando) 

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