REFRESHING SOUNDS - Stycs, The Resolute Dancehall Sensation From Rusape

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

Stycs, whose real name is Rodney Murungweni, is a 27-year-old dancehall artist based in Rusape. From street hustles and ambition to propelling a ghetto gospel, Stycs belongs to the helmet segment of this genre.

Stycs rusape zim dancehall artist and splits loui

He boasts of a particularly important dancehall attribute – the use of Patois in his lyrical construction. The helmet movement is the current trend in dancehall circles and the vision is to keep dancehall clean and hardcore.

This path has been significantly paved by proponents such as Dashocca, Eyetal Fyal, I-Ratty, Jahnoz, and more who have churned massive helmet classics.

Stycs says that, “Apart from my side hustles, I’m on a mission to inspire youths and preserve the purity of raw dancehall”.

He runs a cigarettes stall at a popular corner at Vengere Musika in Rusape. With a formidable mindset to escape threatening economic downturns, the artist asserts the need for financial capacity in order to support his talent, a music career.

He has recently shot his debut video in the town and proposes that there will be indeed more work coming this year despite the lockdown challenge.

Rusape is a town that has bred massive musical talents such as Tocky Vibes and Hwindi President.

The difference now is that most of them leave the town to further their exploits in the capital city. It seems the wave is changing and Stycs is one of the upcoming artists who vowed to resolutely stay in his boyhood town whilst establishing his career.

2020 has been a low-key grind for the dancehall artist and most of the tracks were recorded in 2018 and 2019. He has for a short time been a member of a group Finhu Gang together with Splits Loui who happens to be his preferred producer. They have also recorded tracks together (with hip hop artists) and Stycs features in the Maita Chihwa album by Splits.

You can listen to some hardcore dancehall by Stycs via his YouTube channel and tell us what you think.

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