"Hip Hop Broke My Heart" - Exploring Saint Floew's Relationship With The Game

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

For the most part of hip hop's history, the genre has drawn countless conflicts regarding its culture. Rappers, bloggers, dancers and music heads have always argued. An insightful consideration of the music aspect of hip hop in Zimbabwe will always show you American influences, because that is where it comes from. 

Saint Floew Hip Hop Broke My Heart zim
Tawanda Mambo aka Saint Floew

Rappers have filled social spaces with different approaches in search for an appeal. Saint Floew is an embodiment of hip hop at first sight. There is a lot of trap in his voice and the way he expresses himself impersonates a hip hop upbringing. Before getting into detail the title for his first project goes Hip Hop Broke My Heart. And it was delivered largely in the vernac. Already, this amplifies his connection with the music and how he is emotionally involved in this game.

Tawanda Jnr Mambo aged 23, is a songwriter and rapper from Chitungwiza. He is also a former signee of Mula Nation and reasons why he left are still unknown (presumably the pursuit of unfettered personal growth).

Saint Floew spoke about the power of music saying, "What inspires me is the beauty of sound. How it calms and soothes the human mind. Sound brings control to my soul and I want to give this same feeling to those who might relate." 

In terms of sound there is one thing you will not surely miss about his music and it is the voice. Kiss The Moon is one track which they exploited the husky voice fitting well above Slinx’s silvery verses. His voice shows a rapper with a commanding flair over his work. A voice that echoes the lifestyles of the urban youth not only in Harare but in other cities and towns of the country. His voice encapsulates the urban excesses of the youth in a clear picture.

How hip hop broke his heart remains a mystery. But one that is interesting to inquire. From a careful appreciation he has used hip hop to express his dreams in the song Zvandairota, as well as an ode to his late father in the song Hello. His catalogue mirrors a voice beckoning for brighter days. As seen in the song Tange Nhamo from the first installation of Hip Hop Broke My Heart. It is an exhortation to keep working hard to get a decent livelihood despite the searing difficulties in the country, with advice from his mother.

His collaborations with Narga are laden with bars and that adds to full projects like the first mixtape Hip Hop Broke My Heart. In the second edition of Hip Hop Broke My Heart, which dropped in April this year, he reiterates his affection for the heads (cannabis) in song Legalize, affirming the marijuana smoking habit which society frowns on without understanding its harmless nature. 

The second part of Hip Hop Broke My Heart, which is delivered largely in English raps, is an exquisite piece of art. Mainly because of the extra-confidence he exuded in telling urban tales, real life tales. It is a conflation of the major themes - the game, the girls, the drugs, the fame, the material "drip", an enviable work ethic and love for the urban social landscape despite how cold it is. As well as enunciating the love he has for his mother. 

Hip Hop Broke My Heart 2

Hip Hop Broke My Heart 2 shows a Saint Floew ready to conquer the game without straying from his own lane. Tracks such as RIP Nojo, Trap Mabizela, Legalize, Can't Trust, Hallelujah and Trap Addicts reveal an unapologetic but mindful young male adult who is serious about all the intricacies of his personal life. And who is responsible for his actions.

KayzMadeIt is the producer who brings out the magic possessed by Saint Floew as far as Zim Hip Hop is concerned. His concept of samples, and trap-influenced beats makes him an exceptional producer who works hard to bring the best out of Saint Floew. Saint Floew's feature choices are impeccable as well.

He has highlighted challenges limiting his sound and outlined listenership and equipment as the top constraints. Hip hop has actually shattered countless youthful hearts who fail to break out in this tough country.

The game is difficult but he loves it. 

However that has not stopped the rapper from dropping 3 tracks in dedication to Pop Smoke who was also his big influence. And his death was a manifestation of how hip hop broke Saint Floew's heart. 

Saint Floew’s ability to write extensively in his work is exceptional and brings out a gospel relatable to the urban youths trying to make ends meet. His music is mostly on digital audio platforms and if he is to do more videos there is definitely a chance that he will be floating above the game.

You can get Hip Hop Broke My Heart 2 by Saint Floew on this Audiomack link. All about Free Saints Republik. 

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