The Crippling, Troubling Existential Crisis in Zimbabwe

The thing called existence, in its raw essence, is a demanding condition on human beings. A flurry of emotions coupled by the complex make-up of the human mind makes existence something of a bumpy ride. By nature, things can never be smooth all the time. Because life is inherently rough. And that's that. 

Hard Zimbabwe life economy news
Hard conditions of life have been normalized in Zimbabwe because of poor governance

But then you have Zimbabwe. And in this country, the human condition of inherent pain is compounded by the unbearable living conditions that are rife in Zimbabwe. In all facets of life, one is bombarded by a level of inconvenience that is lethargic to the soul. In experiencing this, the feeling of being trapped gets overwhelmingly strong, and the lack of options leaves one wishing if things were only better, but unfortunately life in Zimbabwe is not getting any better. 

One keeps clutching to the little remnants of hope they can lay their hands on, but deep down it becomes apparent that maybe the only way out is to depart from the territory of Zimbabwe. But is that an option which is feasible and realistic for everyone else? The forms of escapism in Zimbabwe then manifest themselves in a grim manner. Drug abuse is one of these forms of escapism that has gripped some citizens in this land. Criminal activities on the rise. Insults on social media day in, day out. And a sickening focus on trifling issues. We will avoid using the word hopeless.  

And then you have the ever-widening gap between those who have and those who do not have. Those who are in a relatively better economic situation will always have it better in this land. Those damned to the trenches of poverty have their existence in the doldrums. The arrogance of the elite and the ruling class, who continue to amass their illegitimate wealth by hook and by crook, means that even if the less privileged wail as much as they can, it yields to no result. Nothing changes. This is the situation in Zimbabwe. The ignorance of the same elite ruling class is tantamount to a death sentence on the populace of the country. But what can you do to them without putting your life in grave danger? 

On an individual level, one bears the brunt of this twisted society. The struggle to get basic goods and amenities leaves a gaping hole in one's spirit. But the sheer determination to keep on with existence sustains people of this land. That drive to keep taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide out keeps the nation afloat despite the million problems bedeviling the country. Because life is precious and there are no two ways about that fact. After all has been said and done, it's the small things that matter. And it's the inner self-love we should cultivate within ourselves, for its that self-love which enables us to radiate that love to others and be a better society. 

This is the crippling existential crisis in Zimbabwe. And we have to navigate our way through this crazy labyrinth called Life. Each and every one of us is battling something serious within. We are all victims of a vicious system. But love should propel us to weather these tempestuous storms. And in that regain a collective identity beneficial to all. 

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