Kinnah Asserts His Worth In The Song 'MaDry Mouth'

Kinnah has always been that relevant Zim Dancehall figure who doesn't make much noise, but all the same you are aware of his value in the game. 

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In the new song MaDry Mouth, he trashes low quality dancehall music from other dancehall artists, while asserting that his tunes are the best you can get as far as Zim Dancehall is concerned. 

He employs interesting street lingo - MaDry Mouth - and this is the lingo that marijuana smokers are greatly familiar with. He knows how to do his things, and he knows his market. 'Dry mouth' refers to when, after taking some kush, the inside of your mouth becomes extremely dry - no saliva, no what - and this can be cured by simply taking food/beverages. We'd say the dry mouth aspect is the point of emphasis in this song! Paita ngoma dzekushandira madry mouth. Vakatoona hatishandi nekuhwapura. This is the street lingo his fans would be glad to listen to.

Kinnah has always remained relevant and we love him for that. Some people may think his music is not that popular in the mainstream, but in the streets, he is ever relevant. And that's why he is called Mr. Mbare! Key word is relevant. 🙂

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