Blot Not Going Down As He Drops 'Chitsvambe' Singles Collection

By Takudzwa Kadzura

Blot, affectionately known as Grenade, is one of the top dancehall sensations in Zimbabwe. The youthful chanter’s road has been bumpy with career threatening potholes. Much of the damage is accredited to his former bosses Fantan and Levelz of the ChillSpot stable.

Despite trend setting many dancehall careers, ChillSpot has been headlining controversy in the last 3 years with the Enzo Ishall debacle also coming into play. Blot is to most Zimdancehall fanatics the purest talent to emerge from that same stable. However when he decided to leave things did not go well for the inexperienced youngster who on his own could not record consistently and market the music as rampant as ChillSpot. Acts of sabotage were to follow the orphaned dancehall youngster until then Boss Dhaka saved the career. They even deleted his social media pages and yet his music.

In 2019, Blot dropped a singles collection and to signify his resurgence he named it The Return Of Blot. From the collection there was indeed a hit, Havasati Vandiona, which was accompanied with bright visuals. The energy and content in that collection was enough to lure back his esteemed followers. In an interview with DJ Mbale, Blot revealed that he won’t be throwing shots at ChillSpot and would certainly ignore their unfruitful efforts to engage him in a beef. Peace within ZimDancehall.

Fast forward to 2020, Blot's presence is felt in the streets. In the ghetto and its corners. The music is not fading. He has worked with Hwindi President on a hot collaboration. ZimDancehall godfathers and renowned critics have given the artist a green light and shoulder in times of difficult. 

Blot dropped a singles collection titled Chitsvambe. Chitsvambe is his second full project is already available. 

This is a story of resilience and victory. Of a young Kwekwe boy who has battled betrayal from his trusted brothers and mentors in the capital. This latest Zimdancehall offering is definitely worthwhile.

You can download Chitsvambe by Blot here.  Or listen/download via this Audiomack link. 

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