Tanto Wavie's Key Is Unlocking Ghetto Waves in Zim Hip Hop

By Takudzwa Kadzura 

One thing you will always love about Zim Hip Hop is the energy possessed by the rappers and this article focuses on producer/rapper Tanto Wavie. The rapper has been consistent for a considerable time-frame now. 

Tanto Wavie 2 Latest Zim Hip Hop
Cover for Wavie 2

Whether he reaped from Takura jibes or not the recent drops should mean something apart from those squabbles. Tanto’s vibes are always accompanied with some stoner bars and it is undeniably a lifestyle he portrays in the tracks. The young boy with the key has unlocked some trap for the ghetto from the ghetto. 

Despite all the remarkable input from the trapper it is still regrettable that most Zimbabwean Hip Hop artists are not pushing their works on the online platforms. Wavie 2 album is out but lack of promotion continues to stretch the production out of reach for potential hip hop lovers.

Tanto Wavie released an artful video for the track Makaroverera Jesu and the biblical reference alludes to his personal experiences. He had however cleared out all the hate in the song Magaroziva – handife ndaora moyo kunge Neria nyangwe mukandivenga muArea

Tanto’s path is one most youths will love to follow especially with relatable content in his works such as Amen where he outlays his vision to get the greens. It is commendable how the fast rising hip hop artist has outgrown the controversial image. 

Last year he castigated Zim Hip Hop awards and disassociated his brand from them. Definitely we will continue to get more from the youthful chanter whilst more has to be done to make his raps visible.

We love Tanto Wavie more for creating his own lane through TrapSu, his own mark of a unique sound within the confines of hip hop. 

You can download Wavie 2 here.

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