From The East Side With Meditation As Virus Releases 'Tsamba'

By Tawanda Chari  

Many may not be acquainted with hip hop from Mutare but the movement is rising steadily and with the latest offering from Virus in Tsamba, it becomes apparent that artists from the East Side are pretty much some of the best in the country with no doubt. 

Virus Mutare Hip Hop 2020

On the first verse, Virus starts with a vow to continue rapping until the game begins to respect him. Then he continues with the theme of trust and that he does not give in easily to people. He hypothetically describes situations where friends hit on his girl and snitch him to the authorities.

The song ends with a question to other emcees on why they rap things they do not do, why they put their thrust on the realities they do not face. 

The one-word name of the track, often representing abstract concepts add to this idea that artists examine the different traits that make them.

Evident is the classic 80s old school consistent end-rhyme flow. The end rhyme is always the same in the rhyme scheme; and everything said in-between works around the end rhyme.

Notable bars - "pressure is beneath me/ saka usanditsvage under pressure if you need me/.."

It is a commendable effort from Virus and you can listen to the song via his Audiomack here.  🙂

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