Indigo Saint's "PORTLAND 51" Is The Rapper’s Most Excellent, Artistic Album

By Tawanda Chari 

Indigo has for the most part been a creative, abstract and deeply introspective rapper. Saint is known for creating cohesive concept projects that transcend the boundaries of hip-hop with their creative lyrics and themes that connect to society.

Indigo Saint Portland 51 album
Portland 51 cover

PORTLAND 51 is no different except that it is not the usual deeply personal feel we are used to. It is a more balanced project with several party vibe songs and glimpses of his element in tracks like "2 am" and "Locked Up" where he was a little personal.

The project oozes impeccable production and flawless silky flows over dreamy and laid-back beats on "22", "Man From Strettons" and "Good Vibes" but you can still feel the baseline in the beats.

Indigo Saint is no stranger to sharing his emotions, as he touched on theme of PAIN on “Top Tier” and he mentions a misunderstood view of who he is as a person.

In an interview with The Zimbabwe Sphere, Saint says the album is a reflection of Mental Wellness and that it is one of his strongest projects since The Blunt Eps.

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