A Round of Applause First When Listening To AK Luve's Tangai Maombera EP

When going through AK Luve's discography, you instantly feel the soul of a young black man who is interpreting the world around him as clear as he can. You feel a wave of realness blissfully covering all the mental faculties that process music digestion. 

AK luve tangai maombera ep 2020 zim hip hop
Tangai Maombera cover 

AK Luve, who is a final year student at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), and proudly hailing from Mufakose, released a singles collection Extended Play titled Tangai Maombera

The 7-track EP first found life in 2017 when the lead single Tangai Maombera was released. Thereafter, many other works have followed and he finally decided to bless us with an EP encompassing most of these works. 

AK Luve beautifully touches through a wide array of societal subjects. Parent-child relationships, the rise to a better position in society, the street hustles, the ghetto struggles, the intrapersonal conflicts - all these and other subject matters are brought to the fore through his mellow vocals woven on tranquil sounds. 

It's only right you give a round of applause - Tangai Maombera

You can listen to the project via his Audiomack channel or through his Youtube channel. 

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