The Bitter-Sweet Specialty of Our Hard-Won Independence

Authored on 18 April 2020

For close to a century, Zimbabwean people had no dignity, no self worth and no prospects of a better life because of white minority rule. The black person was treated like a dog, condemned to live in squalor and denied opportunities for social mobility.

Zimbabwe Independence should be celebrated 2020 Zimbabwe at 40

It was a crime to be black. To be African. The people of this country did not partake in the decision making process because they were blocked. The people did not enjoy the wealth of the country as it was exploited for the purposes of propping up a white minority elite.

Black people had no land. Racial segregation was the order of the day. Just imagine how tough that existence was. How demeaning.

The only way was to take up arms. To go for guerrilla warfare. Sacrifices had to be made. Blood had to be lost in order to attain self-rule.

As we enjoy the liberties we have today, even though our country is in deep turmoil, we pay homage to every hero and heroin who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

We still have a long way to go, but we thank the freedom we have.

We still have more building to do.

Happy Independence day Zimbabwe🇿🇼

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