NEW MUSIC: Paintafresco drops uplifting 'Energy', the second single off upcoming EP 'Boys Need Love'


PAINTAFRESCO is having quite the 2024. 

He started the year off with Dare, an upbeat collaboration with K.I.N.G Mataz — a foreboding of the energy that Painta was coming through with in 2024. He followed that up with an afro-ballad titled Escaping Reality in March 2024, complete with stunning visuals directed by creative maven Rowanin.  To top it all off, a potent feature on Malcom Mufunde's Ma1 (off his May 2024 album Ekasi) put the nail in the coffin of any doubter of the 24 year old.  

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Paintafresco releases 'Energy', the second single off his upcoming five-track EP titled 'Boys Need Love'

As we start off the second half of the year, the multi-faceted artist has decided to 'paint a picture for 'em' with a new release titled Energy, an introspective song on an emotive beat produced by Garth The Producer. 

The instrumental is a beautiful combination of piano as the foundation, classy guitar riffs, mesmerising synths and trap drums brought together at a slow tempo. This is why Energy is so emotive. It is reminiscent of a ballad. 

Energy is a reflection - a display of raw vulnerability which is a breath of fresh air from the gangsteresque braggadocio and façades of wealth and grandeur that have come to define Hip-Hop. 

Energy feels as soft as cotton wool - a look at what lies beyond the surface, at Painta’s core. It is delivered from the perspective of him to himself, as though he is speaking into the mirror. 

It is an acknowledgement and validation of Paintafresco’s life experiences and an embrace of his inner child in hopes of finding peace and healing. 

Paintafresco uses Energy to give himself a pat on the back for never giving up regardless of the challenges that life presented him; while simultaneously giving inspiration to any listener out there who is on the same path he took. 

In an interview with ZimSphere, Paintafresco described the motivation behind the song; 

"In Energy, I speak about the importance of my relationship with God. Without his providence and guidance there’s no Paintafresco."

He also reminisced on the journey it has taken him to get to this point — from doing skits during Covid in a bid to gain an audience, to dropping project after project, and finally the tipping point; being a supporting act for Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest's African Throne Tour in September 2023. 

"For about four years during my journey, it felt as though I was stuck in a loop between pushing for success as an artist, and being slept on. I was slept on but kept pushing.

"Finally, at the end of 2023 something felt different with the announcement of my slot at the African Throne Tour where I’d be performing alongside my favorite rapper Nasty C (for the second time) and Cassper Nyovest. 

"At first, I couldn't put my finger on it, but then I realized that nobody was surprised. That was when I started to really feel them coming around. This makes every win at this stage of the game more and more significant," described Paintafresco. 

As for the collaboration that's got everyone talking, Paintafresco had nothing but praises for award-winning rapper Malcolm Mufunde, saying; 

"Man, Malcom Mufunde is a wonder. I have so much to learn from him. It’s so easy to fall in love with his music and his story because as you listen you see what he’s describing not only in your head, but in your own life. 

"I think he is the rightful holder of the title, ‘The People’s Champion’, because he’s singing about the experiences of every single one of us, where most of us can’t at all or can’t do it as well."

He also promised to continue collaborating with fellow artists as this is the only way for the industry to grow.

"2024 is for collaboration. I want to work with all the artists who’ve been putting in work, from different disciplines. Together we rise, divided we fall," he said. 

Energy becomes the second single from Paintafresco's highly anticipated third studio EP, Boys Need Love; after Escaping Reality. He was, however, hesitant to give a date for the EP's release, as there are still some final touches to be made. 

"The EP is in the final stages of production. I’m just trying to figure out the best way to give it to you to make it as impactful as possible," revealed Paintafresco. 

He confirmed that they will be two features on Boys Need Love. Instead of giving names, Painta instead chose to drop some hints, saying; 

"One may present some new faces while the other may ask you, 'you want to bamba?'"

Given the two singles that have been dropped so far, and even the title of the EP, one might be led to believe that this will be a smooth, sensual project without any club bangers. Well, not necessarily, as Paintafresco concluded; 

"Would it be a Paintafresco project without a couple of bangers?"

You can listen to Energy below and share your thoughts: 

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