NEW MUSIC: 5nine releases single titled ‘Zero Yemunhu’


SHANGHAI-based Zimbabwean RnB and Afrobeats musician Tapiwanashe Kelvin Mazota, whose stage name is 5nine, has released a new single titled Zero Yemunhu, as he plans his visit to Zimbabwe this weekend. 

Speaking with ZimSphere, 5nine said Zero Yemunhu is a song that portrays the inner feelings of a person ravaged by heartbreak experiences.

Zero Yemunhu is one of the songs that accurately portrays the inner feelings of a person experiencing heartbreak,” 5nine said. 

“The lyrics express the difficulty of confronting someone who has caused you pain in a relationship.”

5nine intimated he was exploring heartbreak stories in his discography, including his own experiences in the single. 

“I was exploring heartbreaks stories, observing the entire spectrum from the beginning to the end of relationships, including my experiences and those of others. 

“When people are hurt ,they often hide their pain ,crying alone or putting up a strong front while inwardly trying to cope.

“This single brings that inner turmoil to life , depicting the intense emotions of someone whose heart has been broken.”

In this regard, he says Zero Yemunhu serves as a form of therapy for those who carry unresolved emotions but are unable to articulately express them. 

“The song resonates deeply with many listeners due to it's raw and relatable portrayal of messy emotions surrounding relationships,” he said.

Having been away in the country for 10 years, 5nine is visiting the country this weekend and he said returning home after such a long time is a dream come.

“Returning home after such a long time is a dream come true for me.

“This is my first visit to Zimbabwe since my career took off, and I'm incredibly excited to finally meet my fans in person, share my music, and possibly perform for them for the first time.

“While creating music in Shanghai, China, and collaborating with other musicians from over there has been fulfilling, there's a profound shift in energy when you experience it all with your fans and peers back home.”

Of course. 5nine brims with the joy of coming back home. He says the anticipation is palpable.

“With me returning home it would be exciting to do some projects with Tamy Moyo, Shashl, Bagga or Voltz JT,” he said.

In 2019, 5nine marked the beginning of his career with the debut EP Feeling Over Filters

In 2024, he released another EP titled Optimus Vibes.

Alongside these EPs, 5nine has put out approximately 15 singles. He estimates that he has just over 30 songs released at this point in his career.

5nine has also featured with local artists in several songs, including Unditore featuring Nashie Zim, Yuhwi Maihwe featuring Sanii Makhalima, Handirare featuring Ngoni Kambarami, Breaking the Law featuring Melyssa Zw, and Pretty Clever featuring Eden Lang, produced by DJ Tamuka. 

He also has future releases planned with artists like Kae Chaps, Qounfuzed, and KSG Di Don.

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