Hanna’s ‘GUILT FREE EP’ – Unapologetic, liberating anthems for personal empowerment


HANNA released her latest project, Guilt Free EP, on May 17, 2024; and the five-track EP marks her first major release since her 2020 album, The Girl in the Durag. The EP is a thematic exploration of guilt, focusing on personal empowerment and the unapologetic pursuit of one's desires and choices in any kind of relationships, and of course, without infringing the rights of others.

Zimbabwean rapper Hanna releases Guilt Free EP

It's a bold declaration of self-empowerment and personal freedom.

The EP sounds like a "winner's soundtrack," a fitting metaphor for the triumphant and liberating essence that permeates each track—and thus forms the overarching motif of the project. 

The EP kicks off with Props, featuring Nappy Katt, the only guest on the project. This collaboration adds a dynamic energy to the EP, with both artists bringing a vibrant exchange of verses. 

The track is a high-energy opener that sets the tone and theme for the rest of the project, emphasizing self-respect and acknowledgement.

The title track, Guilt Free, released as a single, encapsulates the essence of the EP. It showcases Hanna's often overlooked lyrical prowess, as well as her powerful ability to blend raw emotion with compelling beats. This track dives deep into the feeling of liberation from societal expectations and personal guilt. 

Pride continues the EP’s exploration of self-empowerment, with Hanna reflecting on her journey and the strength found in embracing her identity as well as recapturing her honour. 

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The production on this track is robust, complementing her assertive delivery and enhancing the overall message of self-confidence and resilience.

Metropolis shifts the narrative slightly, focusing on urban life and the complexities of navigating relationships and her ambitions in a bustling cityscape. 

The final track, All I Need, wraps up the EP on a reflective note. It’s a personal piece where Hanna delves into her desires and what truly matters to her. She's all she needs. The track’s introspective lyrics and mellow production provide a thoughtful conclusion to the EP, leaving listeners with a sense where her heart is at the moment.

Guilt Free EP is a brave statement from Hanna. Not only does it highlight her lyrical capabilities but moreso her growth as an artist willing to tackle complex themes with authenticity and style. 

Hanna's lyrical content throughout the EP is introspective and thought-provoking, which adds to an enjoyable listening experience. 

Tackling themes of self-worth, autonomy, and emotional resilience, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences and the importance of choosing oneself in the face of societal and relational pressures.

Stream Hanna's new EP, Guilt Free, here:

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