Music Review: Hanna recaptures honour in new single ‘Pride’


Zimbabwean-born and South African-based rapper Hanna has released her latest 2024 single titled Pride; and details how she is turning inward, being with herself more and healing at her own pace. 

Hanna Zim And SA hip hop new single Pride

Sonically, Pride is a fusion of fun, bouncy hip hop instrumental and glossy, tranquil RnB melodies.

Hanna in an empowering way says "Pride is the only the we got"—finally breaking and dissolving away a relationship. In this case, a very bad one. Too acerbic. 

The song reinforces reaching the finish line, and though there no contest to healing, enduringly allowing yourself to truly move on is a win.

The rapper shares post-relationship feelings with a kneaded mix of venting and flexing to the ex. 

Hanna shifts focus to her own wellbeing. Building inner confidence, self-esteem, and exploring new feelings.

Acting out of spite and wanting to prove something ultimately won't help with healing from a broken heart. 

Nonetheless, The Girl In The Durag says a bit of pride is all it could take. And she deftly flexes her impeccable rap talent while at it. Some brilliant stuff, really. 

And at ZimSphere HQ, we are always rooting for her. 

You can listen/stream Pride by Hanna via the link below and share with the world your thoughts:

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