Afropop crooner Tiergo promises packed autumn: Two singles in April, and an album in May


With almost seven years in the industry, Terrence Tanaka Zandawa, popularly known as Tiergo, is part of the small class of crooners who have kept the Urban Grooves blueprint alive and well in a new age. 

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Tiergo is promising a bevy of music releases for his fans this year

Most of you will remember Tiergo from his 2018 hit collab with Trevor Dongo called Ndipe Moyo - which has since garnered over 80 thousand views on Youtube. 

His last project came in mid-2023, titled Rudo Vaviri. The 18-track effort was laced with the soothing, serenading sounds that have made Tiergo one of the go-to artists for the romantics.

Three months into 2024, and now working with Lion Dynasty Records, the Glen View based artist is ready to dish out his first release of the year – starting off with two singles in April to whet the fans’ appetite. 

The main course will come in May – a 16 track album. 

In an interview with Zimsphere Music, Tiergo confirmed the title of his upcoming album as Rehoboth. He promised fans a superb album with international flair, hence the album title. 

"There is a new feeling and new levels that it why it is titled Rehoboth. Fans must expect international levels for this one. I think it is going to be the next big thing, the whole album is what we have all been waiting for," beamed Tiergo.

The album will feature Afropop doyens Trevor Dongo and Terry Afrika; as well as international talent such as Zolasko Vatsay from Botswana, Bucci (Onyebuchi) from Nigeria, Josey from DRC, and DJ Tate from South Africa. 

With the international features, it is clear that Rehoboth was made to be palatable to a diverse range of audiences, as Tiergo reveals; 

"The upcoming album will accommodate all age groups and all corners of Africa. There is Afro dancehall, Afropop, Amapiano, House-Kwasa, Passada (popular in Mozambique), and Reggae. So, it's a mixture of genres for everyone.” 

Like most relatable artists, Tiergo draws inspiration for his music from his own life experiences. 

"My music is motivated by love and different life experiences. I am trying to teach something about relationships and the difficulties of life. My music revolves around the difficulties that people face to reach their final destination," he explained.

With Rehoboth, he hopes to continue on this path, and offer a glimmer of hope to anyone who has seen the downside of love and life. He concludes with this teaser;

"It is not easy for someone to reach their goals in life, so the album will also speak about the struggles of finding real relationships and true love. 

“I am encouraging those that listen to my music to keep holding on despite the challenges they may encounter in love or life in general." 

And with these final words, Tiergo has set the stage of an interesting autumn for all Afropop lovers. We shall be definitely looking forward to what seems like a new era for the crooner. 

Meanwhile, you can prepare you ears for some new music by going back to Tiergo’s 2023 album, Rudo Vavirion Youtube. 

You can also revisit the now-classic Ndipe Moyo below: 

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