NEW RELEASE: All Set for Esther Chiwara's 'Kutya Mwari' album launch


PRETORIA — South Africa-based Zimbabwean gospel sensation Esther Chiwara is set to launch her third album titled 'Kutya Mwari' on February 3, her first release since 2020. 


Easter Chiwara launches Kutya Mwari album in South Africa
An afternoon of soulful praise and worship — Esther Chiwara launches her third album on Saturday

In an interview with the ZimSphere Music, Chiwara said she is very excited to be doing a live album launch, which is the first time in her career.

"I am very excited for the first time to launch an album live on stage thanks to the Almighty God for his grace," she said.

Despite wooing South African gospel lovers with her music, the uptake of Chiwara's soulful gospel in her own homeland has been tad underwhelming, as is the reality with most diaspora artists.

She bemoaned, "I wish people back home in Zimbabwe could listen to my music and understand."

She'll be hoping the six-track 'Kutya Mwari' appeals to gospel lovers across Zimbabwe, as she will be speaking on relatable issues. 

The upcoming album consists of 6 tracks which are as follows;

Ndibatei, Kutya Mwari, God of Miracle, Mwanangu, Uyavuma and Simba Ravakatipa.

Judging from the titles, it is clear that 'Kutya Mwari' is a classic praise and worship album, full of hyms to comfort listeners in sadness, as well as uplift them in joy. 

"Kutya Mwari is an album which is more about praising and worshipping God," she said. 

Easter Chiwara launches Kutya Mwari album in South Africa
Esther Chiwara [Media: Supplied] 

This is clearly not Chiwara's first time at the rodeo, as she started making music in 2005. 

She then took a 13 year hiatus, only getting back to the studio in 2018.

Since then, she has released 2 albums and 2 singles.

She announced her return in 2018 with  Handirambe Ishe, and then followed it up in 2020 with PaCalvary. 

With her third offering, Chiwara will be looking to stamp her footprint in the South African gospel music scene, bouyed by the over 5 million Zimbabweans currently living in South Africa. 

She will also be looking to appeal to her homeland Zimbabwe, considering most of the album is in her native tongue. Local fans of Chiwara will be hoping for a live show later in the year to also get the 'Kutya Mwari' experience live. 

If you're in Pretoria on Saturday 3 February, then 299 Mayibuye Street is the place to be. Festivities start as early as 1400, meaning you can bring the kids with you for some praise and worship. 

Not only will you get to listen to Chiwara's soulful voice, you will also enjoy music from other Zimbabwean gospel artists such as Delight Binduko, David Size, Plaxcedes Madhora, and Minister John Chizete. 

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