Enter Blades: Halfway into the Season, A New Team Joins HBA Super Six League


In a dramatic turn of events, a new character has entered the fray in the HBA Super Six Women’s Division, courtesy of a capitulation by JBC late last week

As per the provisions of the Harare Basketball League Constitution, the chosen replacement is the leader of the second-tier Harare A League — Blades. 

HBA Super Six Blades 2024
New levels, same court — Blades enter the HBA Super Six Women's Division with 13 games to go. 

Blades were founded in July 2023, and are a sister franchise to Harare A League side Assassins. 

When he founded Assasins in 2015, Club Chairman Kudzai Choga had the vision to one day have a Ladies team competing amongst the best talent in the nation. 

The heartbreak of narrowly missing out on a slot to participate in the inaugural Super Six Men's division fast tracked the administrator’s plans, and was the catalyst that led to the decision to form the Blades. 

Blades were always meant to rub shoulders with the best, going undefeated in this season of the A League. 

HBA Super Six Blades 2024
Gone are the days — Before the promotion to the Super Six, Blades were dominating the Harare A League

The competition was so underwhelming, the club’s Secretary General had even sent a letter to HBA lamenting the lack of game time in the Harare A League, as opposing teams were now avoiding fixtures to avoid getting humiliated by Blades. 

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Their first taste of defeat this season came at the hands of Super Six log leaders UZ Sparks, who gave them a classic welcome to the ‘big league.’ 

The 54-22 loss, however, cannot truly define the franchise’s current form considering that JBC withdrew from the Super Six late Friday afternoon, giving Blades less than 24 hours to prepare for their game against UZ Sparks.

“One loss doesn't define us. This was just a setback, we will bounce back stronger and reach our goal,” assured Blades captain Thelma Goredema. 

Goredema, who is also the Ladies National team starting Point Guard, is counting on her team’s adaptability to help them quickly ease into the league. 

 “My team and I adjust to the system very quickly. We are fast. Although we are missing Samantha (Jemwa), we are going to do our best to cover the gap and work together as a team, as always,” she said.

Despite the loss, Blades coach Andrew Chitauro was delighted at the opportunity to finally play in Harare’s premier basketball league. 

“The sudden promotion is a welcome development. We can now actually play numerous competitive games as we proceed with the building of our brand of basketball,” he beamed. 

As a master tactician (he’s the current Ladies National Team coach), Chitauro had this to say about the UZ Sparks loss; 

“Our major take away from UZ was that we always need more than 24 hours’ notice to prepare for a game. We knew our opponent within the same 24 hours we played against them, surely preparation is not an overnight job. 

“The other take away was that we need to up our tempo to fit into the league. That means high tempo offense and defense.”

HBA Super Six Blades 2024
Beware the Blades

Chitauro and his charges will be looking to get on their stride in their second game in the Super Six, versus Fillies. 

The coach was coy on revealing the game plan he was cooking up for Fillies, saying, “We don't need to change any game plan for Fillies. Every game has its own game plan.” 

For Gameweek 12, Blades are likely to formulate a better game plan, given that they had seven days to prepare. 

It remains to be seen whether Blades will take advantage of JBC’s points bestowed to them and push for a title charge, or will just be happy to be among the big girls. 

Team Sheet

Thelma Goredema (PG)

Samantha Jemwa (SG)

Audrey Kupemba (G)

Trish Chijiri (SG)

Victoria Makamure (PF)

Chido Wille (SF)

Verna Malikabu (PG)

Memory Mavura (SF)

Michelle Chibwe (PG)

Belinda Masekesa (G)

Elma Kumire (SG)

Delphine Shereni(PF)

Monica Tlou (SG)

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