NEW MUSIC: Paintafresco and K.I.N.G Mataz start 2024 strong with trap anthem ‘Dare’


There is definitely no doubt that 2023 was a remarkable year for Zimbabwe’s hip hop scene, and from what we have witnessed thus far, 2024 is poised to eclipse the highs seen and experienced last year. 

From Bling 4 and Michael Magz, to Kayflow and Bagga, to Voltz JT, Saint Floew, and Holy Ten, and to even Leo Magozz (and oh, he is back); ZimHipHop artists have been keeping the streets amply fed, barely 50 days into the new year.  

Comfortably maximizing this wave, and creating their own, 24-year-old ZimHipHop artist Paintafresco and Vainona-based K.I.N.G Mataz have started the year by hitting the right chords with their latest song Dare, a fairly powerful and frenetic collaboration that showcases the talents of both rappers.

It was released just as January 2024 roared to life.

Paintafresco King Mataz Dare Zim Music 2024

Produced by Uptown Music, Dare promises to be a club banger just off the combination of catchy flows and an infectious instrumental, underscoring how the two artists blend well together.

But do not be mistaken to believe it is just empty flexes on seemingly conventional trap beats. If you listen closely, the lyrical content is deeper than what meets the ear

Dare is a motivational trap anthem that ZimHipHop really needs especially in 2024—teeming with declarations of commitment to the sacrosanct art of music—a soundtrack to the hustle, a call to double the focus and an exhortation to ignore distractions. 

As Paintafresco energetically sings on the chorus:

Vakandibvunza about me I'll tell 'em, "ndoraramira gitare"

And if they ask me about it I tell 'em, "ndoda bantwana vafare"

And I'll never stop, if you got a problem then motondigarira dare

If you try and stop me motongoziva munenge mopika naMwari

Paintafresco makes it abundantly clear to the listener that he is unwaveringly devoted to his purpose – rap music – and states lucidly who he does it for. Quite inspiring, really. 

In some masterful use of his mother tongue, Shona, Paintafresco lets us know that he lives for the music and he does it so that the youth may be merry. He goes on to explain that in order to remove him from his work, you would have to host a ‘Dare’, in the line from which the song title is derived. 

In Shona culture, when a conflict occurs the elders of a family or community convene a tribunal/ court or ‘Dare’ to resolve the matter. 

However, if the elders were to convene a ‘Dare’ to stop Paintafresco from giving us this good music, that would be akin to going against the wishes of a Higher Power, as his talent is God-ordained.

The catchy chorus is immediately followed up by Paintafresco and K.I.N.G Mataz tag-teaming on the verse trading, at first, 8-bar blows at the head-bop inducing instrumental and then going 4 for 4 leading back into the bridge. 

The instrumental is reminiscent of a live performance by a rock band using a well-bound combination of drum elements, synths and 808s.

Lyrically, Dare is deftly laden with clever wordplay and catchy metaphors, a relatable trap anthem to get the year running. 

Speaking to ZimSphere from his home in Mt Pleasant, Paintafresco described how the Dare collaboration came to fruition;

“K.I.N.G Mataz and I met at Uptown Music and immediately clicked! He’s my big bro(sic) and he’s extremely talented and versatile. I call him the hooks guy because he’s always coming up with catchy melodies.” 

Paintafresco King Mataz Dare Zim Music 2024
Image: Supplied

For Dare, Paintafresco goes back to the sound of his debut EP, ‘Brush Strokes’, which was heavily influenced by Migos, and laced with upbeat flows and catchy choruses. 

It would be a mistake to just box him in as a trapper though; for Paintafresco has ably demonstrated his versatility, exploring other genres like rock, RnB, and Afropop. 

For 2024, Paintafresco is set to continue on that path, and has promised his first full Afropop project – an EP titled Boys Need Love. Interesting title for that matter.

“This year, I’m going to be playing a lot with Afropop and blending it with other genres like rock n roll. 

“The first Afro offering is coming sooner than you think with singles called Escaping Reality and Dance to This. This will be the leading singles that will usher in my third EP titled Boys Need Love,” he revealed to ZimSphere.

For 2024, Paintafresco assured his fans of a bevy of music releases – EP’s, singles, collaborations. Clearly, Dare was just the beginning, as Paintafresco promised;

“There’s definitely a lot of collaborations on the way. I’ve been working with many different artists and producers across genres so there’s definitely a lot of content in the vault. 

“2024 is a year where I’m not holding back. I’m releasing everything! Expect a couple of EPs this year and a lot of singles.”

Paintafresco King Mataz Dare Zim Music 2024
Image: Supplied

Paintafresco has graced stages with some of Africa's biggest entertainers, of note being at Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest's pass by Fiesta Fiesta last year, for their African Throne tour. 

Weighing in on why Zimbabwe’s entertainment keeps lagging behind, Paintafresco first points out why other countries in Africa have managed to build viable entertainment industries, saying; 

“Money has been a big factor. However, I believe that the true defining factor that gives the entertainment industries in South Africa and Nigeria the edge over Zimbabwe and all other African countries is attitude. They really take it seriously. It’s a real job over there.” 

And here in Zimbabwe?

“In Zimbabwe it’s a hobby at best. Society looks down upon creatives and don’t value their work in the manner it deserves,” Paintafresco bemoaned. 

The solution, according to Paintafresco, is taking a leaf from our African counterparts, starting off with the source of their endless innovation – collaboration.

“We need to look at the products these countries are offering and how they operate and copy that. We shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel. 

“For starters, let’s emulate the Nigerians and nurture an environment that is conducive for collaboration across genres and across disciplines of art and entertainment. We are stronger united than apart,” said Paintafresco. 

Ultimately, Paintafresco believes the country needs a complete perspective shift concerning the entertainment industry. 

Instead of treating entertainers with contempt, rather let’s consider the work they do as a key contributor to our progression as a nation.

“The global entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and if we could change our attitude towards it in Zimbabwe, it would do us a lot of good. We can attract more foreign investment and have the opportunity to fly our flag proudly all over the world,” Paintafresco concluded.

Overall, Dare is an impressive collaboration between Paintafresco and K.I.N.G Mataz. 

The song combines the languages of the land so well, and showcases both rappers' skill and ability to create an engaging and catchy track. 

And, yep, Paintafresco is indeed a brilliant painter, his canvas adorned with the metaphoric paint of words. 

The sole bone of contention is it ends too soon, clocking in at just over two minutes. Short tracks can be undesirable, but when executed well, they are joyous.

You can listen to the latest 2024 Zim Hip Hop song Dare by Paintafresco and K.I.N.G Mataz, available now on all DSP’s, and tell us what you think about this cool collaboration. 

You can also stay up to date with Paintafresco's latest releases via his Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter.

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