The Pink Room EP: A Multi-Genre Journey Through TheLastLetter's Brilliant Mind


TheLastLetter, a talented songstress who has been making waves since 2021, has finally released her highly anticipated debut EP, The Pink Room.

The genre-blending EP comprises of six captivating songs, three brand new, and three that have made us fall in love with TheLastLetter. 

The Pink Room EP is a testament to TheLastLetter's growth as an artist, and more so as a person—as she gives the listener a peak into her mind.

The well-thought cover art, shot by Malwandla Rikhotso and edited by Rhulani Hlongoane and TheLastJPEG; tells you what we've been saying all along—TheLastLetter is a superstar. 

TheLastLetter The Pink Room EP
The Pink Room EP—A peek into the mind of an RnB superstar

The EP starts off with Sad, a melodic trap ballad that sets the tone for the emotional journey ahead. TheLastLetter's vulnerable lyrics and soulful vocals draw listeners in, creating an instant connection. The fusion of trap elements with heartfelt storytelling makes Sad a standout track.

Following Sad is Room, the first new song of the EP. Room is a slow, sensual love song dedicated to TheLastLetter's lover, who in this context is akin to her room—a place of comfort. The ballad has such an easy-to-sing-along-to hook, we need a TikTok challenge ASAP! 

Third is Nice Gyal, a powerful R&B anthem that empowers women to embrace their strength and authenticity. TheLastLetter's confident delivery and infectious energy elevate the track, making it an instant favorite. The combination of trap influences and R&B sensibilities adds a unique touch to "Nice Gyal" and demonstrates TheLastLetter's versatility as an artist.

Fourth is Pray For Me, TheLastLetter's most recent single . The song infuses Afro-Soul elements into a soul-stirring love song. TheLastLetter's smooth vocals glide over the Afro-Soul instrumentation, creating a captivating blend of rhythm and emotion. 

The lyrics reflect on the complexities of love and the need for support, showcasing TheLastLetter's ability to convey relatable experiences through her music.

The EP concludes with two more previously unreleased tracks—Selfish and Call Me

Continuing with the EP's theme, both songs are self-reflective, but from different perspectives. 

Selfish is a conversation with a trifling lover, and perhaps TheLastLetter at her absolute peak. On Selfish, the songstress blends her voice with the instrumental so well. Jhene Aiko, is that you? This is likely to become a favourite in TheLastLetter's discography. 

Call Me, the outro, cajoles the listener into a  possible reconciliation with that one ex.  'Don't worry, just call me. You know I'll be right there, in a hurry," goes the chorus. Maybe that's your sign to call that one that got away. 

TheLastLetter's artistic vision and dedication shine through in The Pink Room EP. The production by Liielow and Zino D is impeccable, providing the perfect sonic backdrop for TheLastLetter's poignant lyrics. 

Overall, The Pink Room EP is an exceptional debut from TheLastLetter, showcasing her growth as an artist and the depth of her storytelling ability. With its multi-genre approach and relatable themes, this project has the potential to resonate with a broad audience. 

With The Pink Room EP, the South Africa based artist has firmly put herself into the conversation of Zimbabwean songstresses to watch in 2024. 

You can stream TheLastLetter's debut EP The Pink Room on Spotify, and share your thoughts. 

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