Takura releases new album ‘King of Hearts’ – A matured piece of blissful sounds

What makes this album compelling is the symbolic journey it takes listeners on, exploring their individual cultures, existence, and human emotions.


HARARE – Takura Bernard Shonhai, an immensely gifted recording artist and wordsmith, was born on October 30, 1988, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He displayed a deep, strong interest in the arts from small age, but it was during high school that he discovered his melody-oozing voice and knack for catchy sounds. His serenading abilities gained him recognition among his classmates, who sought his help in winning the hearts of their love interests.

Takura releases new album King of Hearts
Thus far he has come .... 

In 2014, Takura birthed a boy band with his childhood friends, Don and Adrian. Their debut release Ndinokutora quickly established a solid standing for them in the Zimbabwean music scene. 

The group's successful fusion of new age Afrobeat-inclined sounds in the song Zvinhu earned them their first major accolade at the Midlands Music Awards (MMA) – and yep, that piece of information may be new to you. But for this brief write-up, we put focus on Takura's latest album, King of Hearts, which continues to be the listeners' favourite in this moment. 

Takura, who can be compared to the king of hearts card in cartomancy, is undoubtedly one of Zimbabwe's most influential artists—a position he has earned through earnest and diligent efforts. And such a position is aptly captured in his new album, a notable project which embodies worthy motifs—responsibility, authority, compassion, love, and vulnerability. Takura's sound reflect a heightened sense of maturity in the tricky sphere of creativity and responsibility.

What makes this album compelling is the symbolic journey it takes listeners on, exploring their individual cultures, existence, and human emotions. True kings, throughout history, have stood out for their powerful and compassionate leadership, as well as their strong showing of emotional intelligence in serving their people. In contrast to actual kings of nations and kingdoms, Takura represents power as the ability to connect on an emotional level.

However, in reversed situations, the king of hearts can represent someone who is manipulative, emotionally abusive, and distant. For instance song Hazvireve Rudo Handina could be about a betrayer of trust, someone unwilling to emotionally connect with themselves and others. It may indicate a person who is a pathological liar, making empty promises and being deceitful in relationships.

In the opening track featuring Kuda Rice (yes, we absolutely love it that the super-creative Kuda Rice was featured), Takura expresses his commitment to being the best father he can be to his children. Moreover, the album serves as a supremely important tool for self-reflection, as well as thoughtfully leading with our hearts in all aspects of life.

As one journeys through the album, a conspicuous, singular thought emerges – that this is a profound and introspective album that covers a commendable array of topics, including hazy concepts (as it is in our world) that include womanhood and relationships. Acceptance and trauma are also prominent themes explored by Takura, giving a sense of satisfaction lyric-wise.

Takura King of Hearts tracklist

Collaborations with artists such as Kuda Rice, Priddy Ugly, Mas Genesis, Jah Prayzah, Cyani, and Jnr Brown enhance the listening experience throughout the album, bringing unique flavors and adding richness and diversity to the project.

Notable tracks on the album include the reflective King of Hearts (Intro), which sets the mood, and the thought-provoking Sekuseka, where Takura discusses the pressure to succeed and conform to society. Another standout is an immediate favorite, where he samples Oliver Mtukudzi's famous ballad, Hazvireve Rudo Handina and Pretty Zim Girl which features the legendary Jnr Brown. 

Overall, King of Hearts is a special offering that demonstrates Takura's dedication to satisfying and surpassing his fans' expectations. With its impactful lyrics, infectious outpouring of melodies, and diverse collaborations, King of Hearts definitely stands out in Takura's discography. 

The album is available on different digital streaming platforms. 

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