Dynamos sign new kit deal with 90Mins+, renew Sakunda and Tinmac sponsorships


HARARE – Dynamos Football Club have secured a new kit sponsorship deal with European-basee sports apparel company 90Mins+, Zimpapers Sports reported. The deal will start from next season, as the club's current contract with BTO Looks expires at the end of this season.

Dynamos Football Club sign new kit deal 2024
Image: Soccer24

Dynamos executive vice-chairperson Vincent Chawonza said the club was glad to announce the partnership with 90Mins+, a renowned organisation in the industry. 

“As Dynamos Football Club, we are glad to announce the coming of a new kit sponsorship deal with 90Mins+,” Chawonza said.

He said the club had decided to go with 90Mins+ after lengthy deliberations and considerations.

“It is an area we have been looking at enhancing in terms of our brand management. 

“After lengthy deliberations and considerations, we decided to go to bed with 90Mins+. 

“They are a renowned organisation serving the world and we are happy to associate ourselves with such a giant in the industry.”

He also said that two executive members, secretary general Webster Marechera and treasurer Beadle Musa Gwasira, would fly to Germany in December to visit the plant where the kits are being manufactured. 

The club plans to unveil the new kits early next year, along with replicas for the fans.

Chawonza said the club was moving towards the right direction in terms of building an attractive brand. 

He said the new kit deal was a testimony to that, and added that the club had several other business partnerships on the way. He mentioned Rouxgold, who usually flies the team to away matches, as one of them.

Chawonza did not confirm, but according to Zimpapers Sports, the club had also renewed its sponsorship deal with Sakunda Holdings, the energy giants who have been financially backing the club for the past three years. 

The current contract is ending this season, but an insider revealed that it had been extended for another three years.

The source also said that the club had secured another sponsorship deal with Tinmac Holdings, starting from 2024. 

The source said the club was delighted to have Sakunda and Tinmac on board, as they had brought stability and glamour to the club.

“Everyone at the club is delighted as to have gone to bed with Sakunda Holdings for the next three years. You know what the past three years has been with Sakunda Holdings on board. 

“The team has resembled stability and obviously everyone wishes to see that continuing. 

“The team has also secured another sponsorship deal with Tinmac Holdings. 

“The latter is also coming for the next three years.”

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