Swiitche Weston and Liberaxe Beats address city life challenges in the track ‘Fast Lane’


HARARE – Sometimes urban life gets too hasty for our feeble minds to comprehend, and stuff gets super hectic. This is what Swiitche Weston and Liberaxe get to air in their track titled ‘Fast Lane’. 

Swiitche Weston and Liberaxe Beats Zim hip hop

The song is on the overall a lamentation about ‘living in the fast lane’, as both artists introspect their lives in search of a respite. 

What we love the most is the verse by Liberaxe Beats, as he flexes his artistic muscles that are able to carry both the weight of production and vocal excellence. 

It is clear Liberaxe, on a laid back but slightly bouncy instrumental, is relentless in searching for answers given the delirium that city life thrusts on all of us. It is a yearning for a life devoid of speedy distractions—and his instrumental perfectly exemplifies this. 

Swiitche Weston gives his best in laying bare his soul. That is what his lyrical content is all about. He attempts valiantly to slow himself in the fast lane, telling listeners his solace lies marijuana, while expressing a massive trust deficit in the people around him who are all “caught up in the fast lane”. 

For Swiitche, it is clear his sound is enough for listeners accustomed to his sound; but for new listeners, the room to achieve more is evident. 

But on that, we have to worry less. Swiitche plans on dropping a project with lucid storytelling features that tell his story without any shackles. 

Speaking to ZimSphere he said, “I'm working on dropping [an] EP as a series of visuals. They'll be more storytelling and cinematic. I discovered that it takes time for most people to digest a whole project from an underground artist,” he said. 

He added, “The theme is still escaping from the pressures of the world that's created by social media and all it's facets. It's tapping into a lifestyle that's more longevity driven.”

On the overall, what we have in Fast Lane is a good, palatable message relatable to our lived contemporary realities. When delivered on rap instrumentals, the messages are lucid. And such efforts are commendable. 

Listen to Fast Lane by Swiitche Weston ft Liberaxe Beats below and tell us what you think:

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