Why We Love Ti Gonzi’s ‘Emotional Intelligence’


Ti Gonzi's "Emotional Intelligence" is a noteworthy solo release by the artist this year. After having collaborated on various features throughout the year, this song marks his first solo release in 2023. 

It is also his first release under his own label, HHYG Records.

Ti Gonzi emotional intelligence

The track delves into Ti Gonzi's newfound emotional intelligence, expressing gratitude to God for this growth. 

He reflects on his past experiences with multiple ex-girlfriends and friends, emphasizing that he no longer has a best friend as he has become tired of dealing with emotions. 

Ti Gonzi highlights his dedication and refined style, asserting that he no longer has time for people who seek to harm him.

True to his style, the song is filled with punchline bars, the usual clever wordplay, and witty expressions characteristic of Ti Gonzi's music. 

The track has gained considerable popularity, amassing over 231k views on YouTube within the first month of its release. 

It is available on all major digital platforms, making it easily accessible to his fans.

The music video for "Emotional Intelligence," directed by Director Leovy, showcases Ti Gonzi effortlessly switching through various scenes in different stylish outfits. 

The visuals are pristine and straightforward, with no cameo appearances, allowing the focus to remain solely on the artist. There is simply no room for prevarications. 

This single marks the introduction of HHYG Records, Ti Gonzi's new label, and serves as a teaser for his highly anticipated album, "Twenty Twenty Free," set to be released later this year. 

With "Emotional Intelligence," Ti Gonzi displays his talent as an artist while leaving listeners intrigued about what is to come in his upcoming album.

You can watch the video below and tell us what you think:

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