“To Whom It May Concern” — REAP3R’s Contemplative, Spiritual Journey; Produced By Jason Gwanzura


One thing immediately stands out as regards this new crispy, elliptic project by REAP3R. He does not expressly mention, with sufficient specificity, the recipient of his poignant messages. Hence, To Whom It May Concern...


Which is, after all, the reason why people turn to writing and metamorphose into artistes: writing becomes an arduous exercise for self-redemption.

An arduous exercise to salvage the artist’s maddening [stream of] consciousness.

But do not be misled with how terse this release is. An extended play with two tracks only, REAP3R, with the expertise of Jason Gwanzura, lays bare his soul. Unapologetically.

And in this he hopes such a pithy — yet weighty, as it is laden with aphoristic wisdom — journey gesturing towards meditative and soul-searching lyricism will also save a listener or two.

Hence, To Whom It May Concern.

REAP3R sits comfortably on the lush production of Jason Gwanzura — a visceral yet beautiful sample radiating warm melodies; prayerful hooks; probing kicks — as he attempts to strike a tenuous balance between compunction and optimistic confidence; which really make this a worthy listening experience.

The first track, no pressure, is seemingly addressed to an unnamed woman — and in this REAP3R suffers from some prevarication: he desires a profound emotional connection, yet tells us, perhaps in a helpless tone, that the pressures of this earthly world terribly weigh him down to that effect.

There’s just plenty of bars on a beautiful instrumental that quite exudes boom-bap proclivities but ultimately gets enveloped in modernistic production trends.

The second track, scared, features the amazing Anika; whose saintly vocals complement REAP3R’s unfiltered bars. They lament how people are afraid of seeing others growing.

And that is not a new story. We simply love how they convey it.

Lots of vulnerabilities in there — and some views on romantic and sexual affections which others may agree, or disagree with. Unrequited love stings.

That, we know all too well. It is a universal human struggle.

A favourable production on the overall. We also love how this is, in essence, a cry for reciprocated love.

Listen: To Whom It May Concern by REAP3R, produced by Jason Gwanzura, by clicking this link

And on his YouTube channel.

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