Championing Leadership Development Through Public Speaking Initiatives in Zimbabwe


Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a membership-driven organization of dedicated enterprising young leaders aged 18 to 40 creating positive opportunities around the world. 

JCI Capital Zimbabwe board leadership development through public speaking
2023 JCI Capital Board

Active in more than 5,000 locations in around nearly 115 countries, JCI members are recognized for embracing new ideas and collaborating across borders. 

We support our members to develop their leadership skills as they relate to personal development, business and entrepreneurship, community action, and international collaboration.

Under JCI Zimbabwe, there are local organizations created across Zimbabwe’s provinces and these have their own local boards. The exception is with Harare, which has three local organizations, these being JCI Capital, JCI Harare, and JCI City.

Speaking Giants is a project under JCI Capital Zimbabwe that champions the leadership of young people through nurturing strong confidence and speech skills to create world communicators. 

In the words of our 2023 Zimbabwe National President, Samuel Takudzwa Nehumba, developing global communicators through speaking initiatives is the foremost goal in creating leaders that inspire change within the four corners of our beautiful nation and abroad. 

We therefore constantly strive to create opportunities and linkages in which young people develop public speaking skills. This creates well-rounded leaders who can inspire change within communities, organizations, and the nation at large.

This year, some of our successes include an online training session in which we secured the attendance of Simbarashe Murondoti, who is the founder and senior Partner at Absolom Attorneys. 

In another public speaking master-class training, we prepped one speaker that represented Zimbabwe at the annual JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference which was held on 17-20 May 2023 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

As Speaking Giants, we believe in inclusivity and sustainable development of our programs. As a result, most of our training is held physically at affordable costs and some on Zoom and Whatsapp. 

This year, our speaking Giants Committee, led by Mr Lincoln Majogo introduced a unique policy that allows those who would have missed out on training to catch up and have access to nuggets shared by speakers. 

We have a minute policy and the Month with the Project Director (PD), both of which are write-ups and videos in which we give a rundown of the events that transpired.

Going forward, our vision is to develop over 10 globally recognized and accredited speakers as well as to instill the art of public speaking in young leaders. 

We remain guided by the able leadership of JCI Capital, led by our 2023 Local President Fiona Gunha, and we are also inspired by the words of our 2023 JCI Zimbabwe National President, Samuel Takudzwa Nehumba that the best investment in young persons is developing global communicators through speaking initiatives. 

As we strive towards this goal, we hope to see more young people joining JCI Capital Speaking Giants and harnessing skills to become global communicators.

*Speaking Giants, JCI Capital.

*Lincoln Majogo is the Projects Director for Speaking Giants, JCI Capital, Zimbabwe.

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