Shadows Over Mutare Mansions: Lawyer Entangled in Alleged Property Ploy


Prominent Zimbabwean lawyer, Cosmas Chibaya, finds himself wrapped in an intriguing narrative of scrutiny from the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ). The well-regarded entity has commenced an investigation into claims of Chibaya’s involvement in a housing scandal, suggesting a severe violation of professional ethics.

law Society of Zimbabwe Investigates Mutare Lawyer Cosmas Chibaya over alleged property scam

“Doubtful Deeds and Dicey Deals?”– LSZ Plunges into Mutare Quagmire

The LSZ, charged with safeguarding the reputation of Zimbabwe’s legal sector, has found itself quizzing Chibaya over an alleged fraudulent sale of a residential plot in Mutare. Lackmore Chikove insists that Chibaya’s speculated professional malfeasance has resulted in a significant financial loss of USD$13,000.

Yet, Chibaya remains unyielding, vigorously denying the allegations and asserting that he never handed over the keys to the disputed residential plot to Chikove.

“Unveiling the Mutare Enigma”– An Intricate Tale of Property Ploy

The story began to unfold in April 2021 when Chikove approached Chibaya for advice regarding a residential plot he intended to purchase. Chibaya, seemingly eager to secure the deal, verified the plot’s availability and quoted a price of USD$13,000.

He further claimed to possess the “original” title deeds and assured Chikove of no competition for the plot.

However, the situation took a perplexing turn when Chikove discovered another contender, Joseph Ngorima, asserting he was the rightful owner of the property.

Chikove’s LSZ complaint unfolds a complex chain of deception: he maintains that Chibaya was aware of a property dispute between Ngorima and other apparent sellers, Kamandiapa and Masiye. He adds that Chibaya had previously been sued by Ngorima, who had requested the title deeds.

Given these accusations, Chikove now seeks compensation of USD$28,000 for damages, in addition to the repayment of his initial USD$13,000 investment.

“LSZ Steps into the Spotlight: Upholding the Pillars of Legal Honour”

In these trying times, the LSZ’s mandate as the protector and representative of Zimbabwe’s justice system is more significant than ever. It continues to strive to maintain public confidence in the justice system, even when examining one of its members.

“LSZ’s Disciplinary Tribunal: The Final Arbiter of Legal Ethos”

According to the Legal Practitioners Act, any lawyer accused of disgraceful, unprofessional, or dishonourable conduct will be brought before the Disciplinary Tribunal. If found guilty, repercussions could range from removal from the LSZ Register to suspension, practice limitations, censure, fines, or a strict warning and deferral of further action. It highlights the fundamental truth that a legal professional’s reputation and commitment to ethical standards are their most significant assets.

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