Anthem for Winners: PRO-G ft Dingo Duke and Meet Luminous In New Track ‘This Year’, A Dope Statement of Intent


One thing we love about the super dope producer Pro-G is his enviable work ethic. We always expect our email inbox to have a Pro-G submission on a regular basis.

The multi-genre music producer and DJ possesses this super ability — well, a superpower in actuality — to bring the best music talent in Zimbabwe together on super cool projects. We adore such an artistic trait.

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Some of the works that Progisthename has brought to life this year include: Call Me ft. Savana; Tsokota ft. King Avry and MJ Wemoto; among projects.

This time around, Pro-G has brought together the unhinged Dingo Duke and the suave Meet Luminous on the same track titled This Year.

On an instrumental designed to connect effortlessly with those parts of the brain responsible for interpreting sound waves and signals, we immediately get introduced to Dingo Duke’s unmatched flow as he narrates his usual Shebeen shenanigans. That’s the life. 

Dingo is always gangsta. For that is the pure essence of Shebeen rap.

And Meet Luminous complements Dingo Duke perfectly as he calls on fellow citizens to get the bag, while getting swayed by his accomplishments last year which he waxes lyrical about. There is just something about his vocals.

The overall motif— I be on the grind all year. It’s what fixates all our waking moments: the pressing need to get money. So that we shine…

But what the rappers tell us here is that in all this, their target remains unchanged. That of killing us with unfettered lyrics. Bars on bars. Whether uttered in English, Ndebele, or ChiShona.

The song This Year thus becomes a dope and bold statement of intent. It is the anthem of winners.

Listen to This Year by Progisthename ft Dingo Duke and Meet Luminous via this YouTube link.

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