FIVE NEW RELEASES Deserving Your Attention — Kayflow, Nargamr5star, Swazy, TheLastLetter, and Beav City


The truth of life is that there will always be infinite musical releases such that for others it may be hard to keep up with the pace of it all; especially in the context of our digital-inclined realities and inclinations.


And, also, some good stuff may get lost in the haystack of innumerable releases. To continue shining some light on the releases we feel deserve some attention — whether modicum attention or lots of attention — we have made it relatively easy for you with the releases below.

So here are five new songs and/or videos we think you should check out, in that randomness:

1. Kayflow - Sei Sei

Now, Kayflow’s ethic of consistency is in all honesty impressive. Sticking to his style of employing unique but relatable realism that drives home the point of a hard but community-solid ‘ghetto life’, his new offering is titled Sei Sei — just the regular greeting: “Muri sei sei”. It’s a mellow tune whose infusion of catchy flows is irresistble. Plus a cool video. Yep.

You can watch Sei Sei by Kayflow here:

2. TheLastLetter - Nice Gyal

Here’s a talent that many may not be acquainted with at the moment, but we’re sure (through the passage of time), her amazingly brilliant artistry will be vindicated as one of the best in Zimbabwe. In her new song Nice Gyal, TheLastLetter gifts us with a refreshing touch of a cool urban sound that heavily leans towards new-age RnB sounds, while she comfortably (with enviable ease) narrates her melancholic story of heartbreak. 

It is that throbbing trap-inclined beat. Romantic disappointments  mirror a familiar trope; the universal ongoing struggle of human existence — but the power in not being a “Nice Gyal” anymore as she places her self-love and care above all else is in creative and concrete ways truly empowering. That timbre of a sombre tone does the magic. 

You can stream Nice Gyal by TheLastLetter on all major streaming platforms.

And also check out TheLastLetter's YouTube channel here

3. Swazy - Judging

The one thing we love about Swazy’s art is that she is never afraid to lay bare her soul in an earnest search for emancipatory and life-affirming redemption. It is her vulnerability that makes her such an affable artist. And in her new song Judging, she says her story without any regard for self-censoring: her story is hers to tell. We love that. And the production is magnificently awesome! You keep repeating the track.

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You can listen to Judging by Swazy via this YouTube link.

4. Nargamr5star ft R.Peels - Cheziya 

Narga is that one artist whose persistence and narrative in the game is perennially overlooked. For one reason or another. (Or maybe it’s us over-reacting and stuff?) Well. He is putting in the work. And the reception has been healthy. We love that. 

His new project Balancinarga EP is one you should definitely check out; and it is the track Cheziya from that body of work ft ZimHipHop's star R.Peels that has seized our undivided attention for the time being. You cannot resist Narga’s smoothly melodious and catchy hooks plus flows. And that R.Peels appearance is the icing on the cake. It makes it the perfect Nargamr5star artistic display. Impassioned. From the heart.

5. Beav City - Chikudo

Remaining loyal to an alternative sound that sits comfortably in the region of hip-hop and RnB influences, Beav City presents new release ‘Chikudo’, portraying a seriously conflicted perspective about the ‘modernity’ and battles of romantic and sexual relationships in the now. It is fair enough that this dating thing is enormously daunting and troubling, and Beav echoes that well. Hence the “Chikudo” allusion. However we feel he could have done more to offer some sort of nuanced perspective; in this offering he seemingly apportions all the blame to young women who are just entering adulthood. That alone is not a stable experience. But that’s that. It is a release that can open up many social talking points.

Cool video. Really. Courtesy of Director Leoy V (Letter Z Music Factory):

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