Ganyaz JR Expresses Fiery, Bold, Energetic Raps and Visuals in New Release “GANYANHEWE”


Firstly: for starters, the Bulawayo rapper we usually refer to as Ganyaz Jr is called Takudzwa Ganyanhewe. That is his government name


And, yep, the solidarity between Ganyaz Jr and Asaph is a true testament of good comradeship. A good thing for Bulawayo. For Zimbabwe, at large. 

The certainty about Ganyaz Jr's artistry and creativity through confident raps is that his flows, delivery, cadence, and tone are always on point. You are always looking forward to his music. 

And he has done the magnificent thing by releasing the track, accompanied with visuals, titled GANYANHEWE. It had been long since he had released sumn.

Now, you can connect the title of the release with the opening paragraph of this brief write-up. Mwendamberi; Ganyanhewe.

Paying homage to his roots, heritage, ancestry, and sense of being/identity, Ganyaz offers an explosive rap experience in which he gives a new touch to drill sounds. He does it with a certain flair of finesse as he waxes lyrical over his invincibility in the rap game. 

Sekuru vangu vainzi Madzonga 

We make it rain ndomvura yadzongwa 


Shona rap at its best

Royalty in the flesh

And an allusion about the revered status of Chinhoyi Caves. Through the whole song, Ganyaz Jr stresses a fundamental repetition: Ndofamba neshumba ndofamba nenyoka ...

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GANYANHEWE presents visuals that make the whole concept a fiery, defiant, and frenetic (in a sensible fashion) audio-visual presentation. 

Others may feel a bit put off by the drill sound; an imported sound, like all others, which often suffers the misfortune of being branded as second-hand sonic material in terms of purist tropes bordering on originality. 

Fair and fine. It is understandable.

For us, it is enough that Ganyaz Jr took his precious time to delve into parts of his cultural heritage and ancestry. And doing so in a manner that shows his composure (a result of experience and maturity, we think so). Conflating ChiShona and English raps in that seamless fashion is commendable. Mastery, actually.

And the paragraph we talked about Ganyaz Jr and Asaph — you guessed right, Asaph features in the video. Of course! It's a given. 

They move with lions.

Special mention to Nash Beatz and Larynx for that hard drill sound. The instrumental's menacing sonic makes it a song that's always on the prowl: ever-ready to invade your ears.

You can watch the GANYANHEWE visuals by Ganyaz Jr via this YouTube link and share with others:

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