‘Nhau Yangu’ – The Untold Story of Bagga In The New Song and Video


Bagga is a budding gem on the radar of many a listener in love with Zimbabwean hip hop. The artist we have today is not in every day’s conversation. Yes, he might be talked about here and there, but that’s just that.

Bagga music latest song and video Nhau Yangu

His hit-packed run last year was however noticeable – inescapably so – and stretched out extensively the field of play in Zim hip hop spheres.  His latest release, a song and video, Nhau Yangu caught our attention and in this piece we share some few noteworthy reflections on Bagga WeRagga.

The new song is quite lucid in its meaning just from the title. Bagga’s story hasn’t been fully told. That is a truism. 

A few glimpses on the public domain as regards his footprint comprise a few online links that will lead you to the music. That is, a short run with Samanyanga Sounds before he found a haven at Mushroom recording stable. 

A talent of this magnitude is proof that without scandal one can actually earn their organic growth. His singles last year, Kunta Kinte, 2PAC Shakur, Munamato Wangu, Jesu Kristu and Taikondoh set a good precedent for Bagga.

Bagga can safely claim charge of the Gevha persona. The voice is coupled with lyricism of a literature depicting confident hustle in any type of circumstance.

Pardon this deliberate censor – gangster could have been one word to kill two possible scenarios. The line ‘ndisu vapfana vanodhomorwa neNew School’ is a multilayered euphemism.

Here Bagga WeRagga tries to elaborate either the state of contemporary urban culture in Zimbabwe, or the fresher hip hop turf. The song and video is one of those backseat vibes collecting a momentum of irresistible aura.

Bagga’s story remains concealed but leads you on into a stream of consciousness.

Nhau Yangu is an interpolation of poetic elements that sum up his ambitions immune to doubt. Instead of strictly adhering to one element, he proceeds to address energies that build one’s faith.

The attitude is canvassed in the artist’s attitude in wider context of existence. As evidenced – monetswa neiko vamwe hamuzive zvamuchazova. This faith is re-emphasized by two biblical allusions of the ‘walls of Jericho’ and Samson’s biceps.

There is quite a lot more but the story shared here is rich in positive rotation of inner gratification and responsibility over effective self-regulation.

Listen to/watch the video Nhau Yangu by Bagga Music using this YouTube link and share with the world your thoughts:

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