NEW MUSIC: Walking the ‘Land of the Free’ With DroCole and Scott Saunders


So much has been said about freedom. How much we have now is within the epoch of critical self-consciousness. The war has been endless. Rapper DroCole, based in Nyanga, Zimbabwe, feels there has just been too many barricades in those conventional beliefs. 

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We dared to trust his promise in the new song Land Of The Free.

The rapper has spent considerable spell in the edges of mainstream limelight. His success is however evident in the strides gained on digital platforms. 

That mere maneuver validates a balance of grand and modest progress as a basic difference among all human beings. It’s a matter of inherent abilities and capacities or how you like it served. 

In short, freedom. Artists tend to have this habit of incessant reference to the abstract – a paradise whose flowers bring life to the gloomy corridors of our subconscious mind.

DroCole is lethal with the pen. His message is a call to our desire for liberty. It is right at this moment that we buy into his medicine for squabbles that storm our mental health and well-being. 

The endeavor nowadays is doing whatever is in our sensibilities that which rescue the collective gain and individual function.

The song is a remix that features Scott Saunders whose verses compliment the notion of freedom. The two clearly share coherent solidarity in the mandate to keep the torch lights on. 

Conflicts that make up the state of our psycho-social existence can only be progressive the moment we take charge of our intentions. 

Saunders raps - ‘everything that you wanna do will cost you’. There is a price to pay for our inaction.

More is actually articulated better in the song. Listen to Land of the Free by DroCole and Scott Saunder and share with the world your thoughts:

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