The Legendary Zig-Zag Band Release Conscious Tune Titled 'Chinemazano Satani'

'Zig Zag Band, a band from Kwekwe in Zimbabwe, fuses traditional Zimbabwean rhythms with reggae to produce a hybrid genre they called "Chigiyo".'


Legendary Zimbabwean music band Zig-Zag have blessed their fans with a powerfully conscious song titled Chinemazano Satan under Bantu Studios. The song was published in November 2022

In the song Chinemazano Satan we see the band's sustained exposition of moral and religious exhortations that profess our perennial susceptibility to evil deeds, upon being tempted by the Devil of course.

The song is as metaphysical as it gets. It may be difficult on the impatient who desire lyrics glossed over with superficial, ephemeral, and cathartic spasms of materialist allures and promises. 

To those acquainted with Zig-Zag, they are aware that this is what to expect from them. 

As such, the song also becomes a chance for the younger populations to have a glimpse of what Zig-Zag band are all about; and to preserve these rich contextual cultural legacies.

In their signature outpour of conscious-laden lyrical mastery and instrumental excellence, Zig-Zag embody an ethic of love that is ably anchored in a rich melodious flowing of timeless traditional and Reggae sounds.

And we absolutely love the well-executed inflections of vocal projections.

They show their priceless maturity and it is clear Zig-Zag is one of the finest bands Zimbabwean music has ever birthed.

You can listen and watch the video Chine Mazano Satani by Zig Zag band below and share with us your thoughts:

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