RocoMamas To Host Pre-Independence Motorsport Festivities Courtesy of Selekta Base


The season that is loosely described as summertime is mainly associated with bright colours, blooming flowers, ever-green lawns, and so forth – and for a person who really knows how to add some spice to the summer groove through driving around in their pimped or un-pimped cars and bikes acting bossy or simple around the streets, it is thee time.

Selekta Base car show RocoMamas Zimbabwe independence motorsport

Motorsport culture continues to grow rapidly in Harare and other cities in Zimbabwe through partnership between motorsport clubs and the founder of Extreme Blow Out festival Selekta Base who has been playing pivotal roles in keeping the motorsport culture alive.

This time around the set up seems to have switched up through the dubbed SELEKTA BASE CAR SHOW in April that is set to attract an array of car enthusiasts at one place in a chilled environment without the usual tyre screeching and bursting.

In an interview with ZimSphere with this author in Harare, the host SELEKTA BASE revealed that motorsport clubs will receive trophies and certificates for participation.

“In this edition clubs will receive trophies and certificates for participating and we will also give recognition to the best looking cars and bikes”, said Selekta Base.

There are going to be car dealerships and car retailing companies exhibiting their current automobile models, debuts, concept cars, or out-of-production classics, bikes and boats, entertainment music, jumping castles and water slides; plus Rocomamas food and bar will not be an exception for all the revellers.

Event planner and digital Marketer Whitney Meares decided to coordinate in this edition giving motorsport enthusiasts in Harare and from other parts of Zimbabwe a pre-independence party as good food brings people together at a car show in a cool Harare sunny weather.

“I grew up in family which loved cars hence I can say I decided to chip in and show appreciation towards the car culture and my passion for  cars”, said Whitney.

Revellers of the previous car session hosted by Selekta Base have proved that the motorsport culture needs to be embraced as it creates a platform for local car enthusiasts to quench their thirst through artistic and athletic participation.

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