Chioniso's Star Shines With New Release 'Heaven Is Closer Than You Know EP'

 By Tawanda Chari 

Chioniso is a multi-talented artist from the City of Kings and Queens . She is a singer, songwriter, actress and amazing poet but it is the singing that caught our attention this time with the release of her debut R'n'B album Heaven Is Closer Than You Know. The freshness of sound, absence of musical clichés, the crisp and intense combination of story telling, social commentary and voice command is captivating.

Heaven is closer than you know by chioniso cottage 47

As far as doing music, her discography is pretty thin. However, she has several spoken word poems and a short film titled Lighthouse. She is also the Hub Manager for Cottage 47. The hub had a lot of good projects this year with Indigo Saint, Prolific, Drummer Boy Kenny to mention but a few. It seems that Chioniso may be the best project this year from the group.

Heaven Is Closer Than You Know is a journey within. It is about finding joy and paradise from the inside out. The overarching theme of the project revolves around love and relationships. Perhaps it is important to note that it is more or less coming from a place of pain. Somehow she managed to make the music feel warm.

She is an excellent poet with  expressive melodies that are reflected in her singing. Being a poet by default makes a her a great lyricist too. 

Some of the standout tracks are Trafffic Lights, 47 Jacarandas, Morning After and Ghost. It is a great body of work and Chichi really deserves some attention. She has produced one of the best R'n'B projects this year.

More importantly, credit must also be accorded to Portland and Area 51 for handling the production.

Get Heaven Is Closer Than You Know by Chioniso via this link.

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