'Rest In Heaven Prince Kadewere' - Lyon's Heartfelt Tribute To The Kadewere Family

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

When Olympique Lyon faced Manchester City in the one-leg quarterfinal match of the UEFA Champions League, they first paid tribute to the Kadewere family following the passing on of Prince Kadewere, who was Tino Kadewere's brother. 

The Lyon side graced the field with their heartfelt tribute to Tino Kadewere's brother written on the shirts. It was a match they won with unparalleled defiance and wish to send Prince’s spirit straight into the heavens as outlined on their shirts, "REST IN HEAVEN PRINCE KADEWERE". It was a victory that they dedicated to our son of the soil. To strengthen their fresh gunslinger.

Tino Kadewere, who enjoyed a stellar season with Le Havre, top scored in the Ligue 2 and got annexed by French giants Lyon in January this year. His career at just 24 has blossomed at lightning speed. But for our Warrior it’s a bitter-sweet endeavor ahead. Preparing to make a debut for Lyon in the French top tier whilst nursing brutal wounds of this untimely loss will be crucial in the journey. 

Prince Kadewere 

Prince Kadewere’s career was short lived because of injuries which led him to take the book and start coaching. He was 40 and technically running errands at the Kadewere powered academy. He had also made a mark coaching in the division sides here in Zimbabwe. Their father in the 90s opened an academy in Highfield, Harare and the two brothers had taken it upon themselves to further their father’s dream and legacy.

The football fraternity has been robbed. Go well Prince. Massive gratitude to Lyon for giving a loving shoulder on a historic night. A night Manchester City fans will never forget and a night that will be vital in Tino’s future. The fairy-tale which has started on a sad note is in every football fans’ hope that at the end it will be tears of joy. 


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